Where should a person be at by age 27?

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  1. My birthday is coming up tommorow, ill be 26 but I set goals for next year...

    And though I'm doing okay now I'm really nervous and scared because I'm missing the mark now ... Still with my parents, still not done with school, don't have my own car yet..

    I'm just nervous things won't pan out by age 27 ... I don't want to be in the same boat at age 27
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  2. Mark set by who?

    One will be in the same boat year after year unless they change the way they are and do things.

    It's obvious that it takes God to do this.
    Soooooooo are you letting Him or are you more in tune with what you think?
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  3. Every person is different. Things that they have been through in life are different. Personalities are different.

    So in all reality not one person should be judging their life by other people's, because each person's growth and development is completely different.

    If you can put your trust in God to keep you moving forward and adjusting at a rate that keeps you feeling safe and peaceful then you can advance in ways you never dreamed.

    For now settle in with adjusting to your jobs, and school and don't worry about all the rest of the stuff. Think about where you are now compared to where you were a year and a half ago... and you'll see how great a distance you have come :)

    Set goals that are tailored to you, and keep your peace... knowing that God is helping you through each and every day to grow and find your way to what awesome things He has for your life.

    You are blessed and highly favored of Him and He loves you!
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  4. Wherever they're at!

    Please don't let society's expectations make you think you need to do or be anything more than you are at any age. I let that get to me and lost a lot of years of growth to the mistakes I made out of that anxiety. You're exactly where God wants you to be and society is of this world and not a reflection of truth.
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  6. Yeah I think I've come far :)
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  7. Thank you ! Today is my last day being 25 lol
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  8. You know..people i guess have the notion that You should be at a certain place in life and I'm trying to met them all.
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  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Autumn Oddity!

    Let's give thanks to the Lord for your wonderful Dad and Mom. They're know where you are in life but are also very happy in their hearts that you are still with them daily. They are optimistic you will be blessed and get your own place one day, but for now they are embracing their daughter every moment.

    Let's give thanks to the Lord for His providing shelter for you. Your home gives you peace, security and warmth. Homes are hard to come by these days.

    Let's give thanks to the Lord for your employment. The Lord blessed you with one, two jobs since last month and this is an opportunity for you to be a witness and servant to Him first, then to your employer and co-workers. Truth is, you are already a blessing to your employer with your skill set. Praise the Lord!

    Let's give thanks to the Lord for your continued education. Studies are good and can open doors but more important, you can be a blessing and pass your knowledge unto others so they can grow, too.

    Let's give thanks to the Lord for His travel mercies until you get your own vehicle. In the meantime, no gas expense, no car repairs, no DMV or smog renewals, no car insurance expenses, etc...In time all this will be yours but for now enjoy God's way of getting you from here to there, and for His travel mercies!

    Let's give thanks to the Lord for one more year of your life, Autumn Oddity! Enjoy your day tomorrow, September 18 2017!

    I believe you are blessed abundantly, as we all are, and just for Him to be with you right now, where ever you are, is a good thing!

    1 Timothy 4:4, For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, let's all pray and give thanksgiving to the Lord for one more year of Autumn Oddity's birthday!

    God bless you, Autumn Oddity, and your family!
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  10. images.png


    We love ya girl!
    Praying your day is super blessed!
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  11. Happy birthday! i pray that God will bless you even more abundantly this year..
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  12. Thank u so much
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