Where Did Wilhop Go?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by AllieWi, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. What happened to ask an atheist forum?

    I like talking to atheists.
  2. It must have gotten too heated. That's what happens when things get too far, and they close it. Sorry.
  3. Willhopp'ed his way outta here I guess :D
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  4. He never answered my question about the spaghetti monster :(
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  5. He did say a few rude things to me IMO but I'm emotional right at the mo' so I figured it was just me. Lol.

    I was obnoxious during my atheist phase so compared to me I thought he was nice.
  6. You're making me hungry!
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  7. I think this is what willhop was trying to do. Get us all hungry and distracted by spaghetti references. His name looks like ihop to me, and every time I see it, I think of pancakes.
  8. It could be............ he has a job and real life and can't be on like the rest of us...........

    Or banned.

    His thread was taken down.
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  9. None of you guys have jobs or a real life? I'm out of here.
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  11. Does babysitting my 3 year old nephew twice a week count as a job? Cuz it doesn't feel like it...
  12. You gotta ask MichaelH. I would say yes, but it only counts twice a week. So that's like a part time job, so I don't think health benefits are included.
  13. ___________________________________

    Maybe it's a job the 3 yr old!
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  14. Well I have perks like...free nap from 11-1 and unlimited use of wifi.

    Oh! And I get to "borrow" clothes from my sisters closet just like the old days..
  15. OK............... so his thread has vanished and no word from him........ I think He was like the rest of us, but just got banned.

    I mean if you think about it. How many here have the hours in a day to waste posting on a Harley Davidson site and trying to convince them that Honda's (Rice burners) are far superior bikes.

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  16. ________________________________________

    Or convince the Hog'ers that their bikes were caused by a great BANG! that brought all their parts together.
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  17. It counts!
  18. He was banned for false registration.

    Technically, atheists are not allowed here as they do not agree with the Statement of Faith.
  19. Are you on Skype?
  20. No

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