When you know you're not being a good witness!

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by Tonyt, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. When you know you're not being a good witness!

    I've been walking with GOD for about three (3) years now. And at my job, I really feel I'm not being the good witness or representative GOD wants me to be. Colleagues continue to talk to me about things Christians should NOT talk about. I try to explain in a friendly matter that I can't get involved with that conversation, but it still seems happens. To be honest, I smile and laugh at some of their jokes, but I don't comment and I walk away at times. I truly feel I'm being a horrible Christian example. This ultimately has me asking myself, "Am I truly a Christian or am I one of those people who call themselves a Christian, but don't walk the walk sort of speak!"
    I feel so guilty that I don't even want to continue the walk sometimes. I know that's what the devil wants, but what else should I do? God surly doesn't want a sinner like me to be called his child and not act like one. WHAT MUST I DO?:confused:

    "I hope the Lord will forgive me!"
  2. you are doing his work,by not getting involved you are sending a strong signal to them.
  3. Just some words of encouragement for you...

    It seems that you are walking the walk by not willing to take part in their questionable conversation. Reminding your colleagues that you're not interested in their questionable conversation was a good move, and even walking away is a good move. You can still converse with them on other matters, eg. sports, etc. Be always respectful and kind to your colleagues. That in itself is walking the walk. Be a team player when it comes to work. And take God to work with you. Ask Him to give you the thoughts, words and actions that you need for the day.

    I hope these thoughts help you out.

  4. Out of curiosity what are the things that they are talking about? If they are a little to vulgar for the forums that is okay it is better you did not repeat it. :D
    I think that is the best you can do Tonyt. Just walk away. You don't have to argue and you don't have to comment on it either. They'll get the message.

    So, how do you feel (and I am only trying to help you see, not to be mean, my dear :)) a Christian should act? Everyone has different opinions but I always say: be kind, loving, gentle, honest, humble, true, to name a few.

    Tonyt, the only thing you can do is to ask God for assistance. Stop trying to solve the problem by yourself, God is the only one who can.

    We are all sinners and all need to work on something. This world isn't perfect, neither am I or you or your colleagues. If you know this is what the devil wants you to do rebuke him and keep going.


  5. Thanks for you guy's responses, I really appreciate the advice! It just scary sometimes not knowing if your disappointing GOD. I catch myself getting involved into conversations that I know I'm not suppose to be in. And as far as the things spoke about, it's any and everything. It's (conversation) just always taken to a negative view. Meaning, we could be talking about the supervisors in the office and five seconds later someone’s saying a very crude joke about them. Don't get me wrong, I'm a man, I can handle wants being said. I just can't handle it, when I feel the Lord may not like what’s being said. Or me not stepping up and saying something about the wrong things being said.
  6. Sorry that you are feeling like this, it is hard at times to make sure you are doing all you are suppose to and the devil loves to kick us when we are down.
    Maybe you could give them like a sort of "heads up" for example when you are all eating lunch together and they begin to talk about things a christian should not be hearing simply say, "guys if you can give me just another five minutes I will be done and can walk away you can discuss this".. It is hard, but they may even realize the way they talk is innapropriate and will try to watch what they say and be respectful of the LORD and his children..
    I pray that things get better for you, and that you and yours have a Merry Christmas!
  7. Put christ on daily

    There is a difference in conviction and condemnation. The HOLY SPIRIT has a way of convivicting and lifting you up at the same time. During these times of conversation or jokes ask the LORD what or how you should respond in that paticular situation. All we can do is put the word out there, it's not on our shoulders how they recieve it. One man plants another waters BUT GOD gives the increase. Don't forget bad communication corrupts good manners. Just be the person that GOD has called you to be. BE obediant to him(GOD) and let him(GOD) handle the consequences. ONLY GOD knows your HEART. BE blessed:)
  8. This won't be much help to you, but....

    When I first got email people sent me letters about what was going on in their lives. Slowly that stopped and I started getting a lot of junk, vulgar jokes and a few nasty pictures.

    I sent out a blanket email asking them not to send dirty jokes and pictures and took it a step farther stating I didn't want to receive fun pages, but would rather hear about how their life is going and what their kids are doing.

    I got absolutely no email for about two or three weeks!

    Your situation is sad because you probably have to put up with hearing how your co-workers got drunk and did things he/she "would never do sober" but if you tell them you went to church Sunday and really got a lot out of the sermon, .....you're likely to get a reprimand.

    It's a double standard. Just do the best you can and don't be so hard on yourself.
  9. your a good witness when you do what Jesus said.:)
  10. Tonyt, I've been there...and I am struggling on the subject once in a while.

    What I've learned by experience is ..."from within": witnessing Christ to those who don't know Him yet consists not only of your words but also of your deeds prompted by faith in Him. Even your presence there may be quite contagious!
    I think even if you utter no word to them, God uses you in mysterious and wonderful ways to witness Christ to them.
    Let's not get deceived by Satan who tries to put tons of lies into our heads!

    From a former victim of his cheap lies due to lack of believing God (though I believed IN Him :p)
  11. Your exactly where God wants and needs you to be.

    Your real, sinsere and concerned about what our father in heaven expects.
    The world doesn't need to see another (suposedly) snow white Christian. It (They ) need to see the change as it happens. They need to see the real Christian, the real follower who strives and endures in Christ Jesus. They need to know that we(even the best of us) fall short, make mistakes, stumbles and faces temptation.

    Your changing life is the very best witness you can give.
    No one suddenly transforms from darkness to light. It is a process and, yes, even a struggle. Some days we soar like eagles and others we run with the turkeys.
    They need to see were we are headed not where we think we should be, or think we are.
    They need to know it is a process and that it takes effort. That it isn't always fun or easy.

    Keep up the good works, Sister. . .

    His and

  12. I am a boiler tech (plant operator) at a power house. So you can imagine the sort of things Im going to hear and see. I think we may be similar.

    I will tell you what I do. Because I work close to these people I have to listen to them. But they are lost so this is to the benifit of Christ.

    I listen and wait until i have a window to input the gospel. The people at my job hear the gospel everyday (some a day and others another).

    I do not think that because I listen to them it is a bad thing. I am commisioned to deliver the gospel of Christ to the lost and God has put me where i am to do just that. The people there still come to me with their garbage and with their bad jokes but they dont know better. they are not spirit filled.

    I will tell you also when they have a real problem, Im also the one they come to so they can hear what God says about it.
  13. Submit your heart to God and do your best. The main thing we must do is admit we are only human and point only to the goodness of Christ.

  14. I think from time to time all chrisitans go through this. We all make mistakes. Praying about this situation is the best thing to do let the lord help you through it. When your around those that joke and go about things you'd rather not be around. It's best to not say anything and just walk away... Hang in there!
  15. As I heard a great teacher say .. "You cannot disappoint God, He knew exactly what He was getting when He called you. You are no surprise to God". Confess to God exactly what you have confessed to this forum group, then ask Him to make you more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His guidance.

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