When is school over for you?

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  1. When is school over for you?

    When does school get out for y'all?? I shall be done in about two weeks!!! :D :D :D I'm so excited for summer vacation. I've been working really hard to get my assignments done lately (hence less time on here), but it's almost over. I'll be graduating this year, too.
  2. My kids are home schooled. My oldest son has graduated 12th grade about a month ago and my youngest son did 10th and 11th grade this year- he finished last Friday.
    My favorite thing about school was the three month vacations!:p
  3. For me, school didn't get out until I graduated from college...and then I started working every day.:p

    My nephew has summer school this year, whew! Keeps him out of trouble.

    My favorite last day in school was grade 8. I was bad at softball, and everybody knew it. The school jock, Todd, hit the ball in my direction and I backed up slowly, afraid of catching it (yeah, I was one of those guys). I held my glove up in the air and -whack!- I caught it!:eek: Then the bell rang!:D I'll always remember that.

    Remember, while school is out, be kind and respectful. Don't graze out onto a sidewalk and glare at the rush hour traffic, looking at the people like: You have to stop for me and I can take just as long as I want because I'm a kid! Remember, someone might be on their way to a doctor's appointment or might have an emergency we just don't understand.

    Just a few thoughts...have a good vacation (when it does roll around)!:D
  4. We home school as well but we do 6 weeks on and one week off year round.

    Myself I will be out of school in 3 1/2 more years.
    My summer "Vacations" from now to then are filled with Hebrew and Latin, so they arent really vacations.
  5. Wow...

    Mine finishes in June, and I'm also graduating this year. :)
  6. It's my first year in Junior High but not my first time in Home-Schooling. I'll be over in mid-June, I think. Time flies so fast - soon I'll be in High School. And then College...and then BABIES! :eek:
  7. I do enjoy school...but I haven't had a summer vacation for two years, so it's long overdue. Congrats to your graduating son! :cool:
  8. Sometimes I wish I was back in school, but my whole life is school if I think about it.


    8. instructive place or period: a place or period of activity regarded as providing knowledge or experience.
    -the school of life

    school of hard knocks

    difficulties in life that educate somebody: difficult or challenging experiences that are considered to be instructive

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  9. I have finals the first week of June. My oldest brother is out in one or two weeks.
  10. School is over after I transfer to UW or SPU and complete my degree there. I have no summer break. I take summer classes here at community college.
  11. Thanks!:) He is a fine young man and strong in his walk with Christ!
  12. When I say so.

  13. School's over for me already. But since I go to a Maritime Acadamy we go on a summer cruise for 2months. My first time traveling outside the US. Should be eventful :D
  14. having summer class now. moved some major subjects to the summer so i could fit in my 2 minors. then about 10 more months then i'm graduating college
  15. I am graduating May 19th from high school! :dance:
  16. :cool: Congrats boJairrythou? !:)

  17. Me TOO! i graduate on may 19th. but my last day is May 9th.!:D
  18. I go to school with you... you get out May 13 cause you gotta take an exam that day.... I do too.:p

  19. Hey guys, my summer vacation starts in about two weeks. The next week I have four finals then I'm done with sophmore year of college. The tough years are coming up I suppose, though I changed my major this semester so it's like I'm a freshman again.
  20. Summer vacation?… Oh yea… I remember that now.
    Enjoy it while you can. I’m so busy at work, I’m still thinking about when I’m going to have time to take a vacation. It’s hard to relax, because no one does my work while I’m gone, so I have more to do when I return to work.

    But I love my job, so if I had a whole summer off… I would go crazy. :D

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