When God created Lucifer didn't he have to know he would turn evil

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  1. When God created Lucifer didn't he have to know he would turn evil

    God knows everyhting so he would have to know that lucifer would turn evil? right? Just a tough question that im looking for an answer.
  2. As a human being I have wondered that myself.
    But it must have been His plan?
    Not that God MADE him evil but he gave the angels free will?
    He then knew what Lucifer would do and through that, WE have free will.
    I mean if there was no devil there would be no evil and we would all serve God.
    God wants us to CHOOSE to serve Him, not force us!

    It's all I can come up with~
  3. Very good answer kimmie. It's all about "Freewill".

    God did not create Lucifer as evil but allowed the potential for sin. While God cannot commit sin, He doesn’t take it away from those who do. When Lucifer chose to rebel, he instantly became the author of sin. Evil is the result of a free-will choice by Lucifer.

    Why did God create Satan?
  4. God knew what Satan would do. He also created Adam and Eve, knowing full well that they, too, would choose to disobey Him. He knew what that would mean for all of mankind. He also knew from the very beginning what He was going to do about it. Thousands of years passed between Adam's sin and the historical moment of Christ's atonement on the Cross, and a couple of thousand years have passed since that moment in time. But time and sequence are of little consequence. Christ's atonement was the all-sufficient answer for all time. God works inexorably to fulfill His own plan for His Glory and we who trust in Jesus will share in the joy of the revelation of His perfect work. :dance::eek::dance:
  5. Tom~:)

  6. That's a really good answer. Violet.
  7. :heart: Thank you, too Ms. Dusty :heart:
  8. Violet, I think you are 100% right! :)
  9. I absolutely agree with the other posters. It's all about Freewill without a choice we would all be just robots.

  10. Indeed God had planned for our redemption before our creation- yes He knew hoe we would fail but His love for us was strong enough to willingly pay the price. We can choose therefore we can choose to love.

    Rev 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

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