When Babas Melt Your Heart

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  1. My daughter is 2yr 5mth and I have always prayed with her before she goes to sleep, we always chat about the things we will thank God for and last night she just melted my heart. she prayed herself and said in the teeniest tiniest voice , "Thank you God Ella" Ella is one of her cousins. Never too young to start praying with them.
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  2. That gets a big AMEN from me! You bless God when you train your children in the things of God from the cradle! In turn it plays out in the child's life by proof that you have actually imparted faith to them. They will bless your socks off more and more as you witness so many rewarding things they will do and say out of that simple, child-like faith they will exhibit. Jesus loves it and He shows up in their lives so wonderfully. It is a real blessing to witness children having a relationship with Jesus.
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  3. Emily is so sweet and the name of Jesus just rolls off her tongue, it took me years to be that way xx
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  4. Me, too! I think your Emily will remain a real source of joy to you! What a joy to see how easy faith is when it is birthed in the heart of a wee one like that!
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  5. Thank you, its lovely to find someone so easy so talk to xx
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  6. This is precious. Such wonderful times when they are tiny. Then they grow up. . . . Got phone calls from both of mine today, and it's still the same. We are a privileged people. You have a lot to look forward to, Sharon!

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