Whats On Your Mind ?

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  1. Whats on your mind. Thats exactly what Jesus checks when he examines the hearts and minds of people. Remember from the book of revelation " the mark on your hand or in your forehead. Well a tattoo can be placed upon your body against the will of your mind, If there is a issue there it is most likely about the context of said tattoo and the wearers personal feelings about such . The thoughts in your head are your own doing and they determine who and what you are.So you decide which it is you think is of Importance to the Lord.
    Like a thief in the night is how the Lord says he will return to do those examinations. Yep He examines your mind and you wont even know when he does it. You see he is already there, has been all along.
    I hope you have your mind right. Listen to the good side of your conscience its your connection to the Lord that has been ignored by so many for so long.
    Because when Jesus announces his presence it may be too late, all over but the clean up.
    Do you think you know how it will go in the end ? There are many false prophets that say they know the answers. Well we will see when the fog clears.
    Food for thought on that matter. The book of revelation was written about the visions of a man. A lot of what he saw he said he himself was in the spiritual world while these things were showed to him. How much of what he describes takes place in the spiritual world verses the physical world Is not clearly defined So who are they that they say they can accurately Interpret these visions? The only person with that ability that comes to mind is Joseph Of Biblical times. Are you his equal ? If so I'd like to meet you and get you to join me cause you're on my team.
    I believe God has a plan that will blow your mind after all it is his world and he is God. Consider it a hunch or maybe an educated guess. Anyone Know what time it is ? Well lets see 2001 you had 9:11 then two wars began in the middle east one in 2001 the other in 2003 ,complete and total control of all press in the name of security.2004 approx 250,000 people die in tidal waves over Christmas holiday and nothing but one major disaster after another ever since.250,000 dead in haiti earthquake Japanese earthquake the list is long. and Culminating with the arab Spring of 2011 where approx 15 nations changed governments thats almost 10 percent of the worlds nations changing governments in one year. Islamic nations at that. Now the wars are ending that we dont know anything about except what we have been told by the Government. Yep, We will see when the Fog clears.
  2. They made the same claims when the huns sacked rome, when the persians/islam attacked the "holy cities", in ww1, in ww2, blah blah blah. I tell ya what, if we get out of the prediction business, and get into the living charitable business, we will not have to sweat when God returns.

    And, I don't think any man can get his mind right. Scripture says God does that. But I know a whole lotta folks that try to all the same. Try so hard they get in God's way....
  3. You are Right Xian Without God Playing the lead role a person can never get their mind right. No predictions here, Just waiting for the fog to clear.
  4. I am just thinking out loud. If I think something stupid, someone will be more than happy to correct me. That's what being a good Xian is all about. :p.

    If I am corrected, I learn and grow, how can I lose?
  5. :) With that kind of positive attitude how can you lose ;-)
  6. I'm told I'm a loser all the time. It seems I am supposed to agree and pat everyone's back..... I don't think I was built that way. :)
  7. Have a Good night Xian, God Bless :) and you just like the rest of us were created in Gods Image thats how you were Built ! ! !

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