What's For Breakfast?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Pastor Gary, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. You guys are making me hungry!
  2. I usually get a thing of yogurt. Unless it is the weekend then my awesome wife fixes us breakfast. We have been having bacon and eggs but do to some health issues I am having (at age 33 grrr) she has informed me that is going to change.

  3. Hey Don..... Do you have take out.? I'll order one to go .... LOL
  4. Raw cookie dough!

  5. This morning we broke out the Aunt Jemima waffles!!!:D
  6. Ok .... This morning I had a hard boiled egg and and a whole wheat eggo.
  7. I slept in today...skipped breakfast and went right to lunch...

    Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Lay's chips...coffee to drink yummy!
  8. The other morning I woke up sore from working too long on my shelf. I woke up hungry, too! Man, this was a deep-down hunger that hit my very bones!

    I had:

    Chicken fried steak w/country gravy
    Hashed browns
    Scrambled eggs
    A side of bacon
    toast w/orange marmalade

    Every bite of it was beautiful! Like a warm compress being held firm in place over a sore spot. :D
  9. WW, you went to IHOP, didn't you!!!!:D
  10. LOL - Violet, nearest IHOP to me is...oh, sixty miles or so?:eek:

    Naw, there's this great little truck stop in Madras. They serve grandma-style cooking. It's great!:D
  11. I sometimes like breakfast like that for dinner!

    I have an IHOP right down the road~

    I actually had mushroom pizza for breakfast this morning~

    You really have food on your mind right now, don't you, WW? :D
  12. Violet:

    I did. Then I ate a banana, a bag of rice cakes, a protein shake and my apple is sitting on my desk looking at me in terror.:D
  13. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO hungry!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh well...so much for New Year's resolutions. There's always next year.

  15. today was corned beed, scrambled eggs, grape juice, soy milk and water? haha oh and rice

    and bananas
  16. You guys are so healthy, you're making me feel guilty. My favorite breakfast is a sausage biscuit (for savory). Or if it's a sweet day I like chocolate chip cookies or homemade muffins (blueberry, sweet potato, pumpkin, cranberry-orange). With coffee, of course. On the rare occasions I'm out with friends for breakfast I always order the pancakes. That's my life's motto, in fact: "always order the pancakes"...
  17. Peanut butter on top of scrambled eggs. Yum!
  18. stella, no, no no! please tell me this is a joke post! Some things just do not go well together... ;)
  19. :)..... ask Stella about her SECOND favorite breakfast -

    Cranberries and popcorn... :eek:
  20. Oatmeal porridge with dried cranberries, cinnamon and topped with maple syrup..... yum.... real maple syrup not the artificial kind.

    Don't tell any one but I actually had a champagne breakfast on my birthday.... bubbley with no alcohol... candles on the table ... fancy plates .... the works. Canadian back bacon.... devine .. he he . cappucino.

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