what would you like cfs do to make the site better.

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by smellycat, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. what would you like cfs do to make the site better.

    i will start this with,i would like more scriptual threads,and learning from them.we seem to be bypassing scripture.
  2. I agree with you fully
    I for one do not care who it hurts when we're talking about truth and scripture. I will stand for the truth that is in Christ Jesus before worldly respect.

    I also would like more options in the option section for customizing our account appearance lol :D like we can change colors, style, etc =) would be really amazing!
    I also would LOVE a delete button for private message hehe
    i know we have one ! but I have to always go down and click the drop down menu, It would be great if we had a button "delete" :D what do you think guys :)?
  3. Ramsey, you can customize your profile page: http://www.christianforumsite.com/profile.php?do=customize

    About the delete button, I'll have to suggest that to the forum software developers.
  4. on another site there is a bible refrence page so you don,t need to go of the site to check bible passages out.that would be cool.:)
  5. maybe have a music section,so we can put background music on while reading the threads to get us in the spirit.:)loads we can do.
  6. :O yay thanks Jeff, never knew that =)
  7. We do have a radio and tv section: http://www.christianforumsite.com/radioandtv.php


    You are welcome. ;)
  8. LOl CFS is full of surprises mikey
  9. You really have to go beyond the main forums and search the whole site more. CFS has a lot of interesting things that Jeff has added. Please make sure to check it out. :)
  10. I am a happy camper here and for me there is already toooooo much . Lots of stuff going on and I can't imagine any improvements.


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