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  1. What type of humor is on here I don't get that much please so plain to me thank you
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    Your English is a bit of challenge, so permit me to rewrite your post as I think you meant. (but in red font)
    What type of humour is used here? I don't understand most of the humour that is posted, so please explain some of it to me.
    Pastor Garry posted what he called a 'one liner'..here it is for you to look at.
    The word 'bamboo' is made up of two parts...'bam' and 'boo'' Bam is also a word used to describe an explosion, and 'boo' is a sound used to frighten someone.
    So.. a firecracker goes 'bam' and a ghost says 'boo' to scare you. (of course there are no such things a ghosts), but when joking, we can use many different
    made up or pretend things
    So, we might take this to be saying that a ghost lit a fire cracker to scare someone the cracker went bam and the ghost said boo.
    English homour is something that comes in understanding only after you learn much more that just the basics of the language
    I hope you can now see some of the humour, but is is only a very small part of the humour we use.
  3. Another type of humour sometimes used might go like this:
    question....."where do baby apes sleep?"
    Answer......."In Apricots"
    Apricots are stone fruit something like a Peach, cots a little beds that babies a put in to go to sleep...so it is a sort of play on words and word meanings
    Ape + cot gives Apricot.]
    Hope this helping you.
  4. I look in the mirror every day and laugh! :D

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