what is Jesus name in original hebrew.

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  1. what is Jesus name in original hebrew.

  2. Yeshua Ben Joseph. Or Joshua in English. Jesus the Messiah is - Yeshua Hamashiach.
  3. i know some are from greek to hebrew etc,but in hebrew as they wrote what was his name ,the original hebrew text.?
  4. [​IMG]

    Whew, you're making me work Michael.

    The top two are variants of Yehoshua and the lower one is Yeshua. The bottom is the one commonly used for the Aramaic and late Biblical Hebrew and it reads right to left the letters - Yod, shin, vav, and ayin.


  5. thank you yasher.:)
  6. funny how b is bet.
  7. 26 letters but in uk 27 this was J FOR jESUS THE NEW TESTAMENT.
  8. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I'm really interested in how Jesus name would be pronounced in the language of the day, Aramaic I think.
  9. swiss show me plz.:)
  10. I think it is pronounced:

  11. Jis the 10th letter in the alphabet uk,i pressume meaning 1man 0 woman.if this is a ploy i do not know.lts of things mean different things for different people.:)
  12. In Syriac (Aramaic) it is Yeshu Mshiho, which was I believe the more common language, as opposed to the Hebrew. In Arabic, it's Yeshu Al-Masih.

    Hebrew and Arabic are so similar, because they all came from the same root language, Syriac.

    My church uses Syriac extensively. It's really neat when they use it at the Institution Narrative. It's the words that Christ actually spoke in His native tongue! How cool is that?

    Christ is risen. Glorify Him!
  13. Very cool!

    I always wanted to study Hebrew.

    Does anybody here know why many of the ancient languages read from right to left and most of the modern languages read from left to right.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the Babel account?
  14. Hi Kevin,
    Because in the English world, here in the 21st century, we do everything backwards. Although the USA hasn't yet caught up with the British as we still drive on the right side of the road. I guess that sooner or later we will get around to driving on the wrong side. The British are about 50 years ahead of us I would say. :)

    Larry II
  15. Thank you for the info - do you have a graphic of the script? Just curious what it would look like.

    I heard that you guys could understand the passion very well w/o the English subtitles. Did you see it?

    Larry II
  16. I did see the Passion. I am fortunate enough to watch it every Good Friday. I did pick up on some words but I can hardly speak Syriac or Arabic. I'm starting to learn Arabic at the moment. My pastor is fluent in Syriac and can speak some Lebanese Arabic.

    This website which I use to learn more about my Church has a lot of information on Syriac. http://www.beith-morounoye.org/mainframe1.html

    It's a great source for the Syriac language.

    Christ is risen. Glorify Him!
  17. I wonder if it has something to do with dragging your hand through what you just wrote.

    A left handed person, will smear the ink when they write. (From left to right.)

    HAH! That's funny! :D

    I remember my teacher telling me 40 years ago that one day we would go to metrics too. :)
  18. Did I hear that the Hebrew letters also stood for numbers and musical notes?

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