What is biblically required for marriage?

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  1. What is biblically required for marriage?

    Just curious as to what is biblically required for marriage. A vow under God can be done at any point, so why make a big ceremony and such? Just curious, my fiance and I are both young (21 and 20) and the only thing holding us back is the financial situation.

    Any biblical feedback would greatly be appreciated! Thanks
  2. welcome to the end:) finances control love,children and thought.a blessing in these days is for a career woman.take no notice friend don,t be controlled by sillyness as money.suffer for a life time and gain a eternity.gl brother on your journey.:jesus-cross:
  3. Hello, I would say, basically what is required is true love, based on trust and respect, being equally yoked in Christianity and making it legal if all it is is before the magistrate~

  4. For the marriage itself ?
    Agape love, commitment, respect, purity and submission.

    For the marriage ceremony?
    An expression, before witnesses, of commitment to each other in marriage. . There were some requirments under Jewish law (but we are not under Jewish Law)
    There are state and local government obligatins but this the only biblical one. It is more implied than expressed, but the precept is there exampled in the accounts of the marriages of Boaz and Ruth, Joseph and Mary.
  5. Thanks everyone for their information, I really appreciate it.

    is having a witness present biblical? I havn't been able to find too much information on it, although I do know it is necessary for any legal marriage.
  6. When Boaz found out that the other elegible redeemer did not wish to marry Ruth he made a public annocement of his intent to do so and left a sandel with the other as assurance of his intent.
    Mary and Joseph were enguaged and thier inpending marriage known before she was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit.

    For a marriage to honor God in the world it must be know about by the world. a marriage is not a covenent made in secret. The common law marriage were the couple suposedly spoke vows in secret has no biblical presedent. Union before the public marriage commitment is concidered fornication ,biblicaly.
    There doesn't have to be a party, formal anouncements, suits and gowns or specficic words said. An attendant and a few witness's that can testify to the marriage is all thats needed biblicaly, though even in scripture there is mention of wedding feasts,
    The legal obligation for witnesses signing the marriage certificate varies from state to state here in America. It establishes for the bride and groom certian responcibilies and legal rights. It is a commonly accepted form of proof of those legaly binding responcibilities and rights. And is often confused with biblical marriage. How ever the two often accomplish much the same thing . professing to the world that the two have yoked (as scripture says)themselves to one another.
    It is as many things a matter of what is in the heart that makes a biblical marriage a biblical marriage , not the external trappings and ceremonies.

  7. I can't give you definite advice that might lead you astray. But friends and I were discussing this recently, who decided that you have to have an official wedding in front of a minister, say specific words, etc to be married? It's not in the bible that I know of.
    The hypothetical that we dicussed was should you be stranded on a desert island with a man, fall in love with him and desire to be made one with him under God, but, because you are on a desert island, can you, pray that God make you one. My theory is that marriage occurs when the couple come together - as in sexually, in God's eyes, however, like I said, I have no back up for it and don't intend to test it out either!!
  8. I agree with Ausgirl that a marriage ceremony is not specifically required if one is not available in that society. However, if God wills that you two should be married, then He will provide the money for a marriage license (my opinion).

    Love is first and foremost patient. Be patient, and save save save for the money to have the wedding (even before a judge). A formal ceremony with all the "bells and whistles" can be held later.

  9. Only time will tell. even in your scenario. Is a marriage real in the eyes of God, When not known by other people?????

    I believe we must compare covenent with covenent. Baptism ,for example. Is a person saved in being baptized or when baptized? We know that not all who call upon the Lord are saved . The differance is (just like in marriage) the heart. Did the person being baptized do it sincerely? If they did then it was accepted. If both parties in a marriage covenent were sinccere then the marriage would be accepted by God. Obviously if one or both were already married that would not be the case.

    Time tells the story. If one, say, is baptized and continues to live as though they weren't saved then obviously they weren't saved. In the case of the island scenario it is when they come back into the real world that the truth is known. Do they make it official or go their separate ways??????
    It's not the ceremoy or the size and or place of the ceremony that determines the truth of the marriage .It is the heart of those getting married. Any Christian can perform a marriage ,just as any christian can perform a baptism. The legalities of the world is what requires it be some one bestowed with legal authority to perform marriages. Many places allow it to be done by pastor ,preast, judge, notery and aboard ship (at sea) the caption.
    That, while making it legal in the eyes of man doesn't make it right or accepted to God. We are dealing with two differant authorities here,with God being the higher.

    The simple unexplained answer to your scenario is" yes" they can be married in the eyes of God even though no one witnessed but them selves
    But??? What is the likelyhood that they are truely in love and commited in that situation???? Not very good I'm afraid.

    Sexual intimacy does not make a marriage . If it did then adultrers would also be bigomist.

    Sincerely His
  10. When you have a relationship with someone, make it an "H" relationship, not an "A" relationship. The letter "A" looks like 2 people holding hands and leaning on each other, with the vertical lines on each side representing each person, with the line in the middle representing the hands. Whereas "H" looks like 2 people holding hands, but both looking forward in the same direction. Don't rely on each other in a relationship such as marriage... Hold hands, but make sure you both look to God! I know it's probably not something you were looking for, but seeing as many others have already given you enough advice, I thought I'd just add :) Blessings in Jesus
  11. First you start with a man and a women :Dand then you go see the Pastor and get married :D
  12. If you were to boil it down to the absolute nessesities of marriage... it would be:

    -Marriage covenant
    -God's act of making the man and woman one

    the verse goes "what God has joined together let no one seperate" not "what the state of so-and-so has joined together let no one seperate" ;) (Matt 19:6)

    If you need more than that... what did Adam & Eve do?

    It is best to have witnesses and the whole deal. Marriage is a celebration of life and God's promise, and should be treated that way.
  13. Marriage ceremonies don't have to be elaborate or expensive. Most of my friends got married during or shortly after college, when they had no money and few immediate prospects. If you can't afford to get married, can you afford to be married? I am fully sympathetic, having gotten married when I was young and poor. I also have suffered the consequences.

    I'm always a little suspicious when couples want to circumvent the standard ceremonial and/or legal practices of their particular culture regarding marriage. Maybe that's just because I'm old and crotchety and my knee aches sometimes. I do hope you two are getting premarital counseling from a mature, trusted spiritual advisor whose own marriage validates his counsel.

    I feel like I'm being heavy handed here, but I want you to know I wish nothing but the greatest blessing and joy for the both of you.

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