What Do You Plan To Study For College Next Year

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by FoxStop, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. I am not sure yet, i am thinking of doing "Animation", it sounds fun. But what do you people plan on doing next year, if you have decided. Curious to hear what you think?
  2. Why do you want to ask that on a christian forum site???
    Anyways different people have different aims in life..so it id upto you to decide for yourself..NEVER look into another man's life..do what you feel like..
    Well since you asked this in a Christian forum let me take it from a spiritual point of view..Whatever your plans and desires might be always see to that it is in same frequency as God's plans for you. Always pray saying.."Lord if it is your will let it be..."
    Whatever it is you want to do may the Lords plans and will be glorified through you.GBU
  3. Why isn't he suppose to ask that question? Just because we are Christians doesn't mean we can't talk about normal life issues.
  4. Well if I wanted to know more about my circuits and electrical related problems I would search in any electronics forum or such..Similarly if I wanted to know anything about higher studies I would search such related forums or websites because I will find professionals and experts in the related fields there who will be able to answer all such questions with much more detail and accuracy.
    I am not against him asking such questions here..like you said..here it would only be a 'normal' life issue..but not in a career related forum.
    Maybe the statement which I used to put across my thought might have been inappropriate for which I apologize but my intentions were to lead him to get more detailed help on deciding his career.
  5. It's not what we think, it's what God thinks. Are you following His path on what He wants for you or are you following your own? I am in the middle of my dissertation for my doctorate and went back to school before I was saved, but now I believe God is helping to mold me with the tools I have now. God is a much better driver than I am so I had no problem giving him the wheel when I gave my life to Him. It's fun to ride along to see where you'll end up next! Pray to God and ask what He wants for you! God bless!

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