What do christians want to see online?

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  1. What do christians want to see online?

    What do you think is missing online for christians today?

    How would you like to see the internet used to share the word of God?

    leave some comments as I am wanting to help in providing the content that is relevant to christians online that they want to see more of!
  2. the bible code,not the di vinci code.
  3. There are sooooo many Christian-orientated websites its like picking needles from haystacks. It's really hard to be able find some decent websites.

    Some "Christian" sites seem more like "another crazy conspiracy site, only with the tags 'christian', 'bible', 'god' on it!" or you come across one that's like a breath of R-E-A-L-L-Y fresh air.

  4. Having my own site, I find that christians seem to like quality articles that build their faith.
    So I believe we need more christian writers posting articles to quality Christ centred sites which are content focused.:)

    More content rich sites please:D
  5. I like sites that lift me up without trying to "sell" me something.
  6. I agree with all the comments so far as well...

    I enjoy the personal testimonies and teachings of those who have "been where I am still at" to encourage me along the right path of spiritual growth and maturity. Teaching, articles and bible studies on line are really great.

    thanks for asking!
  7. I am not sure but there could be quit a bit of stuff I would like to see!!!
  8. How about less athiests, I mean atheists? They get angry when you spell it wrong :)

    They may have their own freedom, and they can create as many websites as they want to promote their godless theological ideology, but please, why do so many of them have to invade, and smear Christians on our websites?

    I have respect for atheists, and I love them, but I would really like to see many of them act more maturely. ;)

    Other than that, I suppose I would like more whacky, and funny stuff with no political, or religious affiliation. :D lol, but that's just me. I'd like to also see more Christian websites dedicated to Christ, and not the item their selling, or how "the evil government blew up the Twin Towers" (although I'm not saying I disagree.) I'd like to see more love :)
  9. load more christians.:D
  10. Thanks to everyone so far for your comments these are really important to aid in the development of content that is really going to make a difference in bringing people back to Christ.

    The internet is so flooded with all the wrong messages and content, that is our responsibility to change and instead flood with the messages that God wants us to share.

    Your continuing comments and ideas on this topic are greatly appreciated I am regularly checkin in to look for inspiration and updates.

    Philip Whan
  11. Brother, I agree with you 100%, but the reality of it all, it is not popular with your typical church of the day. They want the sweet of the book but will not accept the bitter. I deal with that daily as a pastor and administrator of a christian forum. The most active sites are the ones that are always in debate or conflict and will adhere to just about any doctrine. On the opposite end, their are those that do not allow any type of discussions or debates at all unless they are in agreement with the mods or administrators point of view. We are definitely in a quandary and I feel the great falling away is in full bloom.
  12. Sometimes I just feel like talking to christians I don't know like over chat or something. Like a real quality christian conversation website, one to help deal with problems and such, but it elludes me still
  13. I know!!!!! I'm currently looking for a decent page on celibacy. I mean, the celibacy lifestyle, not the temporary practice of celibacy. This is what I wish to find. Also anything connected to it. Like vocations, such as nuns, I hope this helps Philip.

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