What Defines God's Word?

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  1. So I have had man a' conversation about this issue before. People have told me that God's word is just that, God's word. And they are right. God's word is inspired by God and written by His servants. Nobody can debate this when you see the historical, scientific, archeological, and prophetic writings of the Bible. However, my beef is with those who continue to preach that if it is not in the Bible, therefore, if could not be God's word. Wrong.
    We have many books that were written by God's servants but have, for some bizarre reason, been taken out of the Bible. There is the Book of Enoch Version One, the Book of Giants, the Book of Noah, the Book of Solomon, the Genesis Apcochrophon, the Book of Jasper, and the Book of Jubilees. All these books pertain to the coming of Jesus Christ, the whole reason for the flood, the human-angel hybrid and animal-angel hybrid life forms, and more teachings of Solomon. All of these books sync up with the Bible, as proven by scholars, which makes sense since they are all written by God's will.
    So why on earth are they not included in our Bible? One might say because they truly aren't God's word, but I contend that man intentionally took them out. After all, the Ethiopian Bible has hald of these books in their Bible, are you telling me that the Ethiopians have it wrong? Nope. The Western Church has it wrong. As I said when I first joined that I believed that man had decayed our Church and by dis-including these books, you are telling all who truly search for Christ that we don't even believe wholly in what is God's word. The scriptures tell us that God is faithful to preserve His word and the oldest book that scholars believe has ever been written is the 1st Version of the Book of Enoch, in the 2nd Century B.C!!
    Wouldn't you think that God would be quick to preserve this book considering that the flood wiped out all living things after this book was written? So, be very careful to not disclose these books as the Bible says, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses establish truth" Well, there are seven other witnesses that scream the truth listed here. You might want to reconsider how mentally far-out theses sound and realize we are living with blinders on our eyes and there are many other dimensions existing we cannot tap into yet.
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  2. I have complete faith and trust in a God who can make sure, by His infinite power, that we human beings have in our hands His pure, unadulterated word.

    You are in favour of adulteration, it seems.
  3. How is this aldueration if it comes from God and has been confirmed by scholars to align and sync perfectly? Couldn't you think there is something amiss to not have these included in our Cannon?
  4. What has been deemed uninspired by God is not included in the canon of scripture. By what authority do you accept what is not inspired as inspired?
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  5. By what authority are you stating these are not "uninspired"?
    Because the writers of Job, Numbers, Jeremiah, and Genesis seem to see four of these books as inspired by God, and so did our early Church founders. Including the disciples.
  6. I accept the authority of the scriptures concerning other writings. When they do not agree, or insinuate error in any way, then we need to toss them out...and we have done so, praise God!
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  7. Show me, exactly where they do not agree, and I can point you to good commentary off of YouTube by a man named Rob Skiba, if you would like.
  8. No thanks. YouTube is no authority, and I am not about to cast my pearls before it.

    The 66 books of scripture we already have is more than sufficient for me and all born again believers in Jesus Christ.
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  9. Sounds like to me...that you are in need of getting into a good Bible preaching church, or at least be getting some teaching from a preacher that is preaching the truth of the Word. The books that you have suggested are good to back up the history of the Bible, but if God had ordained them to be included in the Bible....they would have made it in there.

    Religion has some faults, but there are many preachers on youtube that are strictly all about preaching the Word.

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  10. How those authors saw other books as inspired by God? having reference to something else does not mean it is also inspired by God
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  11. Good point. It is just another witness to the truth of what is written in the Word :)....ya know like out of the mouth of two or three witnesses.
  12. Correct! Most Christians couldn't tell you how the written word of God, what we have in the 66 books, was chosen. In those 66 books, seven other books were referenced which we have only three, yet not part of the 66, and four are still currently lost to history. Enoch was quoted by James and many of the cannonists wanted to remove Hebrews, both Peters, Revelation and Jude. The word of God from any source will always point to Jesus, period. If I prophecy by the spirit, those words which are indeed from Him, then they are the word of God because they came from God and He entrusted them to me. The written word of God is nothing more than a map to Jesus, once there, the written becomes living and the living commune with God through obedience to the written. The written is living and cannot die, and grows, yet many Christians fall into the same trap the Pharisees did - that they have all the information they'll ever have, and so they die on the vine rather than drinking from the Source. Only the Spirit, the Author, can allow one to understand the written and reveal that it's actually already written on our hearts.
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  13. True, but a man still made the decision which books were declared inspired and which were not. How many babies were thrown out with the bath water? Only the Spirit can tell. Can an American Indian from 1310 be a Christian long before the what man arrived on their shores? Yes, for even the stars proclaim the very life of Jesus and is confirmed in our hearts what is written there.
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  14. All: don't limit God. There is more information about Him in a single blade of grass than all the books ever penned about Him, even those He authored.
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  15. I am thinking it falls more unto a Integrity disorder. Well the world loves disorders.
    It is not so much what is missing or there or written by whom.

    I believe it is a Lack Of Integrity Towards Gods Holy Written Word
    Man picks and chooses what he or she thinks is correct or for us or some other person and chooses what we really can or can not do today and so forth.

    Too Much Opinions and not enough taking Gods Word for the Truth that it is.
    God gave us His most Holy and Honored Word to us and for us.........This is sacred and priceless and gets treated as a tool to look religious and smart. rofl only in the mirror.

    Any way when we get down to Honoring and treating Gods written word with the Integrity that it Holds........well then we shall see His word in the light it was created in and dwells in.
    God Bless
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    I guess I haven't been saying what I am trying to say right. Yes! What comes from God will be 100% the same every single place, be it a written letter or an actual book, to a clay tablet in the middle of southern Iraq, always the same because God in His nature cannot contradict. So, knowing that, why aren't the seven books we know of and been found among each other at Dead Sea, Israel, in the Bible? THEY ARE GOD'S WORD. Enoch himself has an entire book that is dedicated to us and he saw Jesus in heaven in the 2nd century B.C! Now we go back to that commity of Roman Catholics in 1348 who put together the 66 book Cannon we have now, and they discluded other books. MEN DISCLUDED. Not God, and no, I don't believe that God appeared to them or spoke to them and told them to leave out more of His word. I just don't. My reasoning is very simple, A) The word of God is God B) God's nature is set and described in the 66 Book Cannon C) the God of the Jews is the same God of the Christians, therefore, His word cannot contradict itself D) Knowing this: we have seven books found in 1948 in Dead Sea, Isreal, an 8th being a forged copy of the N.T. E) All seven books were written in the time long before the Hebrews came about, meaning, God spoke to the ancestors of Eber and they faithfully wrote what God told them to F) One book in particular was in the Ethiopian Cannon Bible and brought back to the U.K. in 1773 G) In conclusion: any book THAT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY TEXTUAL CRTICISM AND SCHOLARLY REVIEW TO BE INSPIRED should therefore be taken seriously.
    I don't care if it is in our 66 book current cannon or not, it seriously needs to be taken together because together, it perfectly paints the redemption
  17. Very interesting thoughts and information. Good stuff to chew on :)
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  18. Hmmmm more things to chew on :)
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  19. Ya know...............God gave me His word in a book called the Holy Bible. He said learn it and do it and keep it in front of my face at all times. Shall I question Him to why He did not include all the other writings ? Ah No - It is simply my job to believe and obey.
    God Bless
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  20. Which I am doing, at least, trying to because I am a sinner and will sin, however, God gave me a mind to think and research, and in my research to solidify my faith in Christ Jesus He has led me to many scholars and books, and documentaries that outline the amazing extra-biblical books that 100% confirm the prophetic, scientific, and historical accuracy of the Bible. As the Bible says, "The Lord is faithful to preserve His word through the ages" why is it so difficult to study and show yourself approved for the inevitable attacks that will come from those under the devils direction to destroy your foundation in the Word of God?
    It is not, and as Timothy the Doubter said, "Study and show yourself approved" and I am and the information God is revealing to my mind is something that I cannot keep from sharing to my Bros and Sis' in Christ.
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