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what circles around you

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. what circles around you

    but a vulcher.
  2. o cher lol.
  3. What circles around me?
    Usually the posts of my friend Smellycat.
    They circle around and around as I try to work out what he is saying.
  4. when you truely seek God you will understand.
  5. When I truly seek God I will understand if a "vulture" or "cher" circles around me?

    Wait a minute...am I on Candid Camera again? :)
  6. faith is a factor.
  7. so no you are still on human talk.
  8. I know you enjoy winding folk up with your criptic comments but it is getting a bit tedious.
    As for saying that we will understand your comments when we truely seek God. My friend you are on dangerous ground.
  9. i always walk on dangerous ground........o is evil.....STRAIGHT ROAD IS GOOD.i talk the truth i need not lie it profits myself not.
  10. The light has not yet shown SC. :)
  11. it is showing as we type m8.
  12. What circles me- the blessing and joy of my God as it comes in for a landing!
  13. what circles me is the presence of God amidst the struggles of a studious student!
  14. This is where we must be :D
  15. :Dwhat circles myself is evil,circles in the sand go round and round,the snake is what they found.
  16. I can't even drive down the street without looking in my rear view mirror- the blessings of the Lord are overtaking me!

  17. Ain't that the truth.:confused::confused:

  18. If you are walking in the Light of Jesus Christ , He has defeated all your circles of evil. Step out and walk in the light. We are the salt and light of a lost and dying sinful world.

  19. Cool brother.:cool::cool: Be blessed.

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