What Are You Eating This Morning? O:-)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by autumn oddity, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. I'm munching on a big muffin, with cranberries,and nuts embedded in it lol..
  2. Noosa Yogurt and a large bottle of water. That's all.
  3. My favorite "daddy cereal".. Oh boy.. I don't even know the name! I will find it and let you know tomorrow.. My daughter calls it daddy cereal.. I blindly go to costco and pick the boxes everytime.. Now can't remember the name :D
  4. A piece of wheat toast and water... I'll have a cup of tea when I get to work then a banana about 10:00.
  5. Sockeye salmon and a cantaloupe and a beer........................Just kidding LOL .. Sweet tea. It's the favorite drink in the south states.
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  6. This morning, I had my usual chicken soup.
  7. your morning is my night,
    i'm eating a sausage sliced up with some pasta.
  8. Sourdough toast, a banana, and tazo green tea.

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