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  1. I had a dream a few days ago about Christ working on my life program without me knowing about it. Then I awoke to write down a thought about us as simply thought machines. As I was writing, this glossary unfolded.

    MIND: is software.

    BRAIN: is wetware for the software.

    BODY: is hardware for the wetware.

    THOUGHTS: is running software (affected by virus or not)

    SPIRIT: is the energy which empowers the body and brain.

    EVIL:is a virus in the mind/software.

    VIRUS: (the apple) taken like a drug. Evil people are virus addicts.

    EGO-SELF: is the ghost in the mind, or the virus in the software.

    GOD: is the source of pure, incorrupt energy. God is the programmer and builder of all animate (life) and inanimate forms.

    EARTH: is a collection point for animate and inanimate forms of God consciousness.

    WORLD: is whatever is affected (both animate/inanimate forms) by evil/virus

    TRUTH: is the anti-virus; the pure incorrupt energy.

    BELIEFS: is an agreement as to which programming software to run – truth or virus.

    FAITH: is trusting the desired programming will be run.

    HOLY SPIRIT: is the anti-virus program that runs of/on Truth. Is the Spirit of Christ/Truth in us.

    JESUS CHRIST: is a man of Truth, and is the tested anti-virus program of Truth in a man, and it was pleasing to God.

    CONSCIENCE: is a virus detector, detecting what is truth (right) and virus(wrong).

    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: is Truth/pure program running.

    GOD’S IMAGE: is a man of Truth.

    GOD’SWILL: is for us to be True. When we run true we are aligned to God’swill. When we run and change from virus to truth without consciously wanting to, are belief + faith allowing God’s will to make corrections – revealing Truths.

    GRACE/MERCY: is an updated program of Truth.

    MIRACLE: is exercised truth by God and approved by faith and belief in Truth according to God’s will.

    PRAYER:is our attempt at programming (God’s image) depending on our belief and faith, the Holy Spirit, and our conscience.

    HUMBLE and MEEK: is allowing whatever truth we have running and to cease the virus from running. H&M allows the truth to replace the virus. H&M allows the anti-virus to make adjustments according to the Programmer of Truth.

    SOUL: is the deposit of God’s image, a template, the foundation to construct a being upon the choices taken in life.
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  2. An excellent analogy.
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