we've read this a million times

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  1. we've read this a million times

    John 3:16-17
    For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.
    For God did not send his Son into the world to be its judge, but to be its saviour.
    (Good News version)

    I've heard this verse many times, but today i was really drawn towards it. I read it out loud and I had the weirdest feeling.
    It was like I truely understood and my heart was open the Lord. I had this overwhelming feeling of God's love for me and I physically can't stop smiling. I'm in the 'wow - I must hold my heart in amazement' mode right now!

    I've been praying so hard lately for God to guide me and help me with the struggles I've been up against with other Christians testing my faith, and this is my answer.

    It's like every thing has been put in place for me, and this is my sanctuary.

    Sorry does this even make sense? lol

    Sorry if this wasnt the right place to post it, but this verse has REALLY touched me today and I needed to share :)
  2. That is an excellent verse. It is so true.
  3. I've heard it said, that even if we were the only one that ever sinned, that God still would sacrifice His Son for just us. That's how deep His love for us is. But in truth, I believe there is so much more to it than just that. God does indeed love us that much, but it is also because sin is so destructive to our relationship with Him. He desires a strong relationship with us, and that is why He created us. Sin separates us from Him, and from His love, and the blessings that He wants to give us. Sin is truly unbearable for God, yet He allowed His son to take on all the sin in the world, just to know us, and so we can know Him. Not only did Jesus die, as great a sacrifices as that is, but He took on all of our sins. Our Holy Savior, drank the poison of this world. It wasn't the pain of death...it was the pain of sin. How much more awesome is that?
  4. That's awesome , Rachael and yes it does make sense and yes you did post in the right place.

    Praise God , when God shows us and we get a revelation that makes us so joyous of course we want to share it with others and I am so happy with you . God gives us exactly what we need at the moment in our lives that we need it .

    Just continue on your path and reading the Word and you will be surprised how He opens the windows and the doors for you ... God Bless.

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