Western world is losing its Christian values, says leading bishop

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by NearertoGod, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. :pray: let us pray that we do not personally fall into the apathy and apostacy

    that this bishop sees in the church:pray:
  2. Hopefully, we won't. But with the way things are going, I'm not 100% sure myself. It's all in God's plan though.
  3. I like what he said about the decline of christianity/values beginning when parents stopped passing their faith on to their children.
    This is so true, and I am so guilty. May we all come to our senses and get it right!
  4. i agree,in the uk and i guess usa,we are gathering fruit from previous generations.just hope the kids realise this.:)
  5. Yeah, Fluffy.
    I think why a lot of parents don't do it anymore is because they're afraid their kids will rebel against their faith(s) and eventually start "hating" it and doing the things they don't want them to do.
    So, instead of going through all the trouble they don't teach them anything about God and such.
    It's just my personal assumption. :)

  6. The world has become such a "free thinking" world, Maybe its that the parents want them to see and figure out what they want.
  7. Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well, too.
  8. But then agian it goes both ways......You can see that some religions almost seem like its a brain washing that we are brought up a certain way. You can definatly claim this about Christianity. Sometimes people put to much pressure then we run into the problem of was a saved because of my decition or someone elses?
  9. God saves you on your efforts.you have your own walk,people can only condemn themselves,we all have free will.

  10. Is that a branch of the apostilic church or a segment of catholocism:confused:

    I was pulling your chain :D:D
    Sorry. . . but i just couldn't resist:D:( :D

  11. Soccerman, can you clarify a little? I think I lost you here.:eek:
  12. brain washing from above yes.:eek:

  13. What im trying to say is, parents of all religions want there children to be that religion BECAUSE of the after life aspect of it.

    I personaly believe that every person was made (by God) to yearn to know whats after this life, or maybe its the holy spirit, who am i to say?

    But anyway, i think that chirstians sometimes need to instead of pressure there kids into accepting chirst (then its not from there heart aka they dont get saved) they need to preach, yes. But also they need to leave it up to the child and God for that desition to be made, not force it.

    I can deffinatly see that a chirstian parent doesnt want to have there kid sent to hell, but it has to be a personal decition by the kid and christ wether they are to be saved or not.....

    Does this make more sense?
  14. And who is above doing this brain washing, SC? Or am I misinterpreting your posts? :eek:
  15. Did you read the one above you or was it posted to close?
  16. Yes, Soccerman it does. Thank you!

    I agree. The decision is between you and God. We are all given free will and if the child doesn't want to choose God then it's his/her decision...maybe one day they will come back to Him, you never know.


  17. there is a war in heaven,this war is up above aswell as here.Jesus tells us this.
  18. Unless theres only somemany times God will knock?
  19. who is your God.?

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