Well, lookie there who woke up too little too late! - Please respond!

Discussion in 'Family and Parenting' started by adoptivemommy, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Well, lookie there who woke up too little too late! - Please respond!

    Good morning all!

    I just red an article on MSN that's talking about discipline called "Mold the perfect child - The recipe is more discipline and far fewer toys, says this behavioral scientist" Well, duh!!:rolleyes: Finally, the world is waking up to the realization that years and years of children being taken away from loving, good, godly parents because of spanking which put such fear in people that they started ignoring and shunning God's ways in favor of worldly methods has created, well, monsters! Not to mention taking God out of schools, a place where it's OK these days to mention Budah or any other "God", but heavens help you if you say Jesus! It just ticks me off to see some "behavioral scientist" being quoted and featured on MSN as if saying something "new" when Christians have been saying the same things for years about discipline but nobody listened! Eek!:eek::eek: Any thoughts?

  2. Yeah, Laura, it's a real shame what them liberal educators, politically correct administrators and egghead psychologists have done to rip Christian values outa the schools and outa the hearts of the godly. Everbody knows that the mainstream TV networks and most of them cable news networks are liberal and promote the liberal garbage both politically and intellectually.

    It's about time folks savvy up and put them media people and so called scientists in their place, if not directly, then by boycottin' their sponsors and gettin' vocal about it in their face.

    MSN is in bed with NBC and them folks are some of the worst left wing spinners that I ever seen, so it amazes me that somebody really allowed that person to speak their mind and go against the liberal line.
  3. Anyone else has any thoughts about this?

  4. All I can say is Ditto to what you wrote!

    Yes, PLuke, it's a shame!
  5. Are you suggesting that freedom of the press and freedom of speech be regulated or limited? Or is it others' opinions that you'd like to see silenced?

  6. freedom of the press.very little in the press is freedom.they are a supply and demand companies.they don,t upset there sponsors so how can it be free?

  7. This here is a Christian's Only forum. Most everybody knows from life experiences that liberalism and anti-religion goes hand in hand. In the same token, conservatism and Christian values go hand in hand.

    What I'm suggestin' is that liberals try to destroy Christian values and since THIS is a Christian's Only Forum, my statement in the context of THIS forum stands. From a Christian standpoint, I personally don't listen to the liberal line because it smacks Christianity right in the face. Do YOU tollerate their constant bashing of our values and beliefs?

    I dare say that the moderators here surely don't and I don't either. Them liberal, anti-Chriatian folk have destroyed the traditional family, the traditional values and our traditional worship with their politically correct garbage and given the chance, they'd tear apart this here forum.

    I ain't sayin' anymore about it 'cause I guess there might be some closet liberal, anti-Christians here -
  8. I certainly feel, as Christians, WE have been stripped of our rights!
    We can't pray in school, or on the street if we feel like it.
    The 10 Cmmandments are literally being ripped down by the legal system.
    We might go to jail if someone sees us spank our child's behind.
    It seems anything that stems from the Bible is being taken away from us!

    Why can gays have their rights and impose their anti Christian life in public but our children can't bow their heads in prayer at school?
  9. Good point Violet!

    Hey guys, I hope this thread is not going to cause tension between us! I certainly did not mean for that to happen!

  10. I can't do what?

    :jesus-sign:I am sorry there is no law or rule under heaven that would make me feel like I couldnt pray or talk about Jesus to anyone! Who wants to talk about buddah or the holy spaghetti monster?? They can't do anything for you... I want to tell people about Jesus who answers prayers, heals the sick, and raises the dead. I am sorry nothing could shut me up about Jesus he is real and he is alive.

    The only person who can limit you as far as our "Christian Rights" go is Y. O. U. just think back to Peter...he was awesome.:jesus-cross:
  11. lol so angry I forgot about the other part..lol

    As far as spanking children..the bible says spare the rod spoil that child..thank God I have no children because I would probably be in jail..:D If you do it the bible way there is nothing to worry about!
  12. JRF,
    I completely agree!
    My point was about rights and the legal system.
  13. I'm somewhat liberal so I'll go against the grain a bit. (Leaving it at that)

    Now as far as spanking, I believe in it. I DON'T believe in punching, hitting, kicking, smacking, etc, but a well aimed spank from time to time is JUST what is needed. I have found I can scream until I am blue in the face and the kids don't even flinch but I can give them ONE spank (and not even hard) and it gets their attention. Part of it might be because I don't do it all that often.

    Prayer in schools - I think it absolutely belongs there. I think we need to bring back the Pledge of Allegiance and benediction at graduation. I think any coach that says a prayer with his/her team before a game should NOT be in trouble. I think God has a PLACE in school.

    Now as far as tv and freedom of speech - I think tv networks have every right to show what they want, when they want. This is a free country and it's a right. I don't like censorship in any way, shape or form. People can exercise THEIR right to not watch. If people don't watch and the ratings slip, the shows may change. But forced censorship - no way.
  14. AMEN! Freedom comes with a price. I lived in a communist country for 24 years and I know very well what censorship and lives run by the state does to people. Freedom is freedom and the truth is we are all free to do whatever we want to do. Even God gives us a choice. The consequence of our choice is what we have to deal with after we make the choice and that is something that Godless people don't understand! Trying to censor people about anything only makes them want to do the wrong thing even more. It's human nature to rebel against anything forced upon us. We MUST have the freedom to choose! It is a God given right! I heard someone say once that God would even protect someones right to go to hell if that's what they choose! This might be heard for some people to accept, however I completely agree! When He walked this earth Jesus NEVER forced anyone to accept Him. He just presented the truth to people and allowed them to make their own choice! America is, I believe the pioneer of freedom for all and this is why so many people want to live here, myself included!

  15. Shannon, the problem arises when the 'mainstream networks' coordinate their efforts, behind the scenes, in presenting the biases of the liberal left. If that is the only thing that we, as viewers, watch, then we are slowly drawn into their spin because we do not have an alternate source of information. That is why the Fox Network is so successful. They are not only 'fair and balanced' but they point out to their viewers exactly what games the 'mainstream networks' are playing and why.

    As an example - after a recent political debate, all the 'maintream networks' used the same identical keywords and talking points when they covered that debate on the air. The reason is that their respective production offices are on the phone with each other constantly exchanging information and taking cues from the Democrat National Committee.

    This goes on daily and the spin doctors at the 'mainstream networks' want to make absolutely certain that you only hear their biased agenda, not that of the Conservative Right.
  16. Yup, thats what I was gonna say too. Ya gotta be able to get well rounded news and programs without all that garbage that they throw in, just because they own the networks and can do what they see fit. I don't even have any of them CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN networks programmed into the dish receiver. Ain't any programs on them netwiorks worth lookin' at anyways.
  17. Even if you perceive it as a problem, it is still their right to show what they choose. I guess I just believe in watching what appeals to you, ignoring what doesn't. I am a CNN junkie but it doesn't sway me politically, religiously, morally or in any other way.

    I agree with being well rounded though - you need to get your information from many sources then make your own judgements!

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