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  1. Welcome to Christian webmasters discussion area


    I like discussions on hosting, web-designing, SEO etc and I am sure there are other Christian webmasters who would benefit from this section. Webmasters and geeks, post here anything from html codes to website administration etc.

    Also if you have services to offer or request post them here.

    Newbies could learn from here too. :)
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    Making Web site available to smart phones

    Until very recently, my Web site (www.savoiretcroire.ca) could not be read from a smart phone device, because the characters shrunk too much to be useful.

    It is a WordPress site built with the Twenty-Ten theme. I chose this older theme because it supports IE better than some of the most recent themes I know of.

    I activated a plugin called Responsive Twenty-ten which seems to work perfectly when I look at it from my computer. I would appreciate feedback from anyone interested in visiting the site with smarphones to tell me if they can actually read my contents and navigate properly.

    I would also be interested in learning from other webmaster's experience in making their websites smart phone friendly...

    By way of comparison, here are three versions of my site that are available on line, the current site which is supposed to work on smart phones, followed respectively by the 2014 version (WordPress based), and 2013 version (stricty html and css based) that could not as far as I know be read from a smart phone:

    Thank you Jeff for opening this thread, and thank you in advance to all those who choose to participate, either by visiting my site from a smartphone and telling me if it works properly, or who provide input for going responsive...
  3. I checked with a phone and a tablet.

    I hope this was helpfull.
  4. Thank you so much, yes this was very helpful. It means I should do a roll-back to my rigid frame by simply removing the «Responsive Twenty-Ten» plug-in that I used to implement what seemed to be an improvement when viewed from my full size personal computer.
  5. I now activated a different plugin for making my site "responsive" in its 2015 version. The other versions (2014 and 2013) are unchanged and provided for comparison purposes.

    Would you be kind enough to check it out with a smart phone device and tell me if it works.

    Thank you!

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