Wed 56 years July 1.

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  1. Thanking God for the 56 years we have been married and which we'll be celebrating with family over the weekend. We had both served in the Alaskan missions when we met at an ordination of a fellow missionary. After dating that summer he asked me to get engaged. I said yes but that I would meet my commitment to serve another year in Alaska at a Native Alaskan boarding school run by our church at that time. So, I went back, but at Christmas time he flew North (as he was working in another state) and we had our engagement blessed and were prayed over in the chapel by one of the missionaries there..

    My mother had suffered a heart attack and although she had other family to be close to her. (She was a widow) I felt I should leave after the first semester ended. So I flew and got a temporary teaching job in a grade school in a town not far from where she lived. She got well quickly and so we set the date for July. We worked in the same town so this gave us time to know each other better, pray together, and decide if this was to be. I made a private retreat a week or so before the wedding in a retreat center not far myself...just to discern and pray.

    We were married on July 1. It has been an adventurous ride especially since we spent 34 of our married years in Alaska working and serving in various places at various time. Now we have both been retired from work outside the home for twenty years. He suffered a brain bleed back in 2014 and later developed dementia. It is a challenge daily for me to keep up with all I have to take care of him. Sometimes we have relied on caregivers and sometimes family helps. We go on prayerfully and with faith that God has better days ahead. I Praise Him for our wonderful adult children, our grandchildren, relatives, and friends. And that He brought us together and kept us together all of these years. He has got our backs and He is our guiding light. Father, Son, and Spirit. Please pray for us, in Jesus Name. Thank you.
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  2. Congratulations to you, Sandpiper and your wonderful husband!

    I'm blessed to read your testimony and this inspires all of us! It must have been incredible between the busyness of your missions, the Native Alaskan Boarding school, your travels north, out of state and taking care of your mother, God made a way for you folks to come together and get married.

    God's creation of marriage for a man and woman to have a relationship is a gift that keeps getting filled each day.

    May I ask, what stands out the most in your marriage as you folks celebrate your 56th anniversary tomorrow?

    My wife and I had the opportunity in 2010 and 2013 to go on cruises from San Francisco to Alaska. We loved Alaska and hope to return again.

    My prayer is the Lord will continue to cover you both with new days ahead and continued blessings.

    Happy Anniversary, Sandpiper and your husband, your grown children, grandchildren and family.
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  3. Besides the everyday challenge of day to day life and especially in raising our family I would say the thing that stands out most for me is that we were called into ministries together. We served in many ways over the years. It didn't start out like that but since the 1970's when Ron got down to business after years of evading God's call it unfolded gradually. After we moved here the Lord continued to open doors in places we did not expect and it was a great adventure each time we responded to His call together. My favorite of all was opening the doors for families and everyone else who came to a church outreach campus we helped to establish in a mall where the congregation (which was called a 'campus') met for one and later two services each Sunday in one of the theater auditoriums. We were on the greeters' team so stationed out by the mall doors whereas our ushers were stationed out side of the auditorium doors. I loved that the most so I think it stands out the most. I especially loved the children who came bounding in. I remember one morning one little guy handed my husband a dollar bill his dad had given him for the collection. He thought we were taking up the collection. :D The other things are too numerous to mention but to sum it up..prayer team and other ministries. Bless you back. Enjoy your Sunday with family, friends, and your congregation.

    sandpiper and spouse. (Ron)
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  4. Congratulations on your upcoming Anniversary. It was so good to read that you both were called into the ministry. God will take care of you both. You both went out and did what saith the Lord. Now, with your husband being sick, God will not fail you now. He did not bring the both of you this far to leave you. Just to hear the blessings you spoke about with the children, grandchildren, relatives and friends, God is blessing you.

    Thank You Jesus for your continued protection, provision and comfort over sandpiper and her husband lives. Thank You for blessing them daily and for being with them. I know they both know You are with them and with them being on missions for You, they saw You answer many prayers to include their own. And since they've seen this they know that You are with them blessing them and meeting their needs. We thank You for loving us in a way that only You can do. In Jesus name we pray....AMEN
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  5. Thank you so much for your kind words and the prayer too. Blessings from ...

    sandpiper and spouse.
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  6. God blessed you with your union. I pray healing and blessings for you both. Only 51 years for my dear wife and myself. God be with you.

    Frank + Martha
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  7. marriage-congratulations-card.jpg

    Congratulations Sandpiper and husband. May the Lord bring many more wonderful years to you both. Your always in our thoughts and prayers
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  8. Praising God for a peaceful day well spent yesterday. Even though that was our official anniversary we celebrate with family after church today for lunch together. Again, thanks for your sweet replies and prayers. I took my husband to get his hair cut on Saturday and had opportunity to share the Lord with the woman working there who gave both of us a hair cut. She asked me what was the "secret" to 56 years of staying together in marriage. And, it didn't take me but a second to say, "In a word, God." This opened a nice time of sharing and witnessing. Turns out she was a Christian long out of fellowship who needed encouragement. I hadn't made an appointment so we were at that place in the Mall because our usual place couldn't take both of us. We arrived there by accident. But, no accidents, when the Lord is in control. He sure was and there was a blessing in being able to share. Because I mentioned we wanted to look nice for our anniversary this opened the door. Thanks be to God. P.S. The haircuts turned out better than usual too. Going back there next time. :)
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  9. Awesome praise report! Glory to God for being so wonderful, and always leading us to people who need a boost in faith.

    God bless you both!
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  10. You are so fortunate and blessed to have married a Godly man that you truly loved and stayed with for so long. That's amazing.
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  11. Ditto x
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