Warning to all Domain Name holders.

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  1. Warning to all Domain Name holders.

    Some of you may have seen my recent prayer request relating to this, but for those who haven't here's a recap. A little while ago I had an e-mail saying that someone was trying to register my domain name with other extensions, and that they were also trying to take an internet brand over my domain name (which is my personal name.) While the other extensions were not too much of a worry, the "brand" bit was, as it seemed to imply that someone could prevent me from using my own name. On the advice of a friend in the Australian Federal Police, I forwarded the e-mail to the Aust. Anti-Spam people, and have just had this reply:

    Dear Rev Fowler

    Thank you for your enquiry about an email you have received.

    A search on the internet identifies this as a scam, generally
    involving a Chinese domain registration firm asking for people to
    register domain names through them because “a third party” was trying
    to register them.

    These emails are sent to a large number of recipients and “The Kendon
    Group” is likely to be the interested party in all cases.
    GlobalIDNS.net.cn will offer to "dispute" domain names on your behalf,
    later registering them for you at a very high price.

    To learn more about email scams, visit the Australian Government's
    Scamwatch website at www.scamwatch.gov.au.

    If an email looks dubious, do not open it and simply delete it
    immediately—opening or replying to spam messages just confirms your
    address to the sender. If you are unsure about the email, check
    whether your state or territory consumer protection agency or the
    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have any
    information about it.

    You can report emails that are from overseas or are of unknown origin
    by downloading ‘SpamMATTERS’ onto your computer (see
    www.spam.acma.gov.au). ACMA uses this program to analyse spamming
    activities affecting Australia and may share the information with
    international authorities.
    So the message is, if you receive such an e-mail about your domain name, it is a scam. Do not respond to it, but forward it to the relevant authorities in your country so that they can deal with it.


  2. Thanks for the heads up. those kinds of E-mail sometimes contain Trojans or viruses.

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