Wake Up!

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  1. This is a message to “Wake up” from our spiritual slumber, to rise from the dead, to strengthen what remains and is about to die, to remember what we have received and heard from God, to obey it, and to repent of our sins, and Christ will shine on us. The Lord gave me this very solemn tune. As I listen to it, I can hear my Savior weeping over all our sins while he continues to call us back to him in humility, surrender and obedience to his commands.

    Wake Up! / An Original Work / November 25, 2011

    Based off Ephesians 5:1-21; Revelation 3:1-6

    Wake up, sleeper,
    Rise from the dead.
    Your God awaits
    You to do what
    He says to you.
    Be not conformed
    To your selfish will.
    Trust in the Lord.
    Do what He says.
    He will give you victory.
    Do not walk in
    Darkness; come into
    The light of love.

    Listen to your
    Savior calling
    You to obey
    All His teachings.
    Repent of your
    Sin, and Christ will
    Shine His love on you.
    He waits patiently
    For you to
    Heed His whispers to your heart.
    Will you hasten
    To obey Him;
    Not from Him depart?

    Live your life from
    This day forward,
    Walking in His
    Love and mercy.
    Let Him cleanse you
    Of all your sins.
    Dwell with Him today.
    Do not insult
    God’s grace to you.
    Do not make light of your sin.
    Let the light of
    His truth come and
    Free you from within.

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  2. Very good - thanks for sharing.
  3. All praise to Jesus. He gave me the song to write.
    Thank you for your kind, thoughtful and encouraging words. They are most appreciated!

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