Waiting for Him

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  1. Waiting for Him

    This is also a title of a book manuscript I have yet to work on* Please do not take my ideas...:)


    I've waited so long
    In this storm.
    I've waited and watched
    Yet the rain still drops
    The thunder still cracks
    And I'm still waiting.

    I watch the sky
    I listen to the wind
    Yet I don't see a thing
    And I don't hear a thing
    And I wait
    and wait
    and wait.

    And then I hear Your Call.

    A trumpet sounds
    The clouds part
    And here you come.
    I've been waiting in this storm for so long
    so long.

    And I am waiting no longer
    For You have come
    And rescued me from my storm.

    - "NearertoGod"
  2. Very nice NGT.
  3. Beautiful!!!;)
    even so, COME LORD JESUS!!!
  4. Great job NtG!! :)

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