Vision and Dreams

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  1. Vision and Dreams

    Hi can someone tell me if there is a thread about sharing Visions and dreams...
  2. I just got to share this even if everyone in here thinks I'm nuts...

    So think it, I don't care....

    While praising and glorifying the Lord this morning at Church I got this vision...
    First, I saw Christ and His chest was bloody from a deep wound... Then I saw myself about a foot apart from Him...

    He drew me slowly onto His chest until His blood was on me as we touched...
  3. Thats awesome man. Jesus loves us
  4. God truly touches each of us in different ways at different times!


  5. Hi Larry

    Thank You so much Larry... I so hope you drop by... I pray it is not health issues...

    ANyway, Larry was kind enough to re-open this forum for us before he left...

    I've had many... wrote them in my diary but haven't known where my diary is for years now...

    If yall are afraid some people will think you are crazy, they probably will.... so what:dance:... We are in very good company, Look at all the people in scriptures who were thought of as crazy... Jesus for one...

    Mark 3:21
    And when those who belonged to Him ( His kinsmen) heard it, they went out to take Him by force, for they kept saying, He is out of His mind (beside Himself, deranged)!
  6. I love hearing stories like these! I recently had an experience like this in church! I shared it on another post about the Holy Ghost but I will go into further detail as to what it is that I actually saw. As I said I held alot of resentment and hate towards my father, when the Holy Spirit touched me I saw my fathers hand writing in a Bible that he once gave me for a birthday gift. He accidentally wrote To: Brian than crossed over his name and wrote mine over it. Then I saw him giving me the Bible as a gift and me giving it to him. I saw the the teachings of our Lord coming full circle and then me handing my father the same Bible. I saw that he had planted the seed of my religious belief and that now was the time he harvest it. I knew that I had to give my father my Bible. I did just that without question. I had to call my Grandma to find out where my dad lived but the very next day I brought my Bible (which I have always held dear) and a letter I wrote to my dad thanking him for planting the seed (he wasn't a good example but he spoke the Word a few times and I listened). I knocked on his door and asked if I could come in. He opened his door and I told him that I wasn't sure myself but that I had been going to church and praying and felt the urge to give him my Bible then I explained that there was a letter to explain it all. He scoffed at me and showed me the door. I KNOW this was from God though because afterwards I was no longer hurt from being rejected by my own dad - we used to be very close. I just knew that what happened there was between my dad and my Father...THE Father and really had nothing to do with was none of my business. I was just His servant carrying a message to one of His children. I have been praying since for my dad's salvation.

    Also that day at church I had another "vision" it was for my dear friend - one of the few friends that I have who I can speak to about my religion - she is a pure and beautiful person! She has multiple sclerosis but for every ounce of pain and discomfort, she has a ton of faith and that is beautiful! In my vision I saw this - No name is higher than the LORD! This is true of all disease and ailments including MS. The Lord has an important task for her that most are unworthy of and because of this she has had much hardship but her faith didn't deter as it would in most, no, her faith grew stronger and for this she can now have faith that she will be free of her ailments and walk again. -- I can't explain that - it wasn't a vision, it just became known to me. I called her and told her but made it clear that I know I am not a prophet and am hardly worthy of sending a message from the Lord to her - who am I, she has shown more faith than I have over the time of our friendship. I really also have a very hard time putting it into words exactly what it is that I know.

    Does any of this make sense? I have to be honest it really scared me at first. I was so excited I had called nearly everyone I knew to share and afterwards I started worrying that perhaps these "visions" were simply ideas in my head and not from Him. I started to worry that the Lord would be upset with me for causing such a commotion over all of this - but the very next day my husband announced out of the blue that he was going to start attending church with us. Only a week before he had told me to forget about it because he would never go! I prayed that the Lord would guide him to church and the Lord answered my prayer and I believe He was also letting me know that He was pleased with me for going to my dad even when I was fearful and just trusting the Lord that what He asked of me was the right thing.

    I hope some of you can help me to see that this is in fact the awesome experience I feel it was and not just my own imagining. If you think it might be of my mind than I would also appreciate you telling me so I can pray on it and figure out what is really Him and what is just me. Thank you!
  7. :cool:
    Don't worry my sister it's Him and I have good feeling about what am saying.........I'll like to tell you, by reading your post, i feel that you have this love fo the Lord and I like it.....keep on seeking Him and He will pour Love on you even more....Love Him more, don't let anyone, I repeat don't let anyone say you mad or something.God is doing great work in your life, just hold His hand follow Him wherever He is leading you and I assure you my sister He is leading you to great places, forget about your past and forgive yourself and all people who were involve in your life in bad experiences and love them more, pray for them pray for those who think had good impact in your life love them too like you love yourself and Lastly love God more than Ever ans soon enough you'll learn His way of communication, you'll learn to hear Him clear as you draw closer to Him...........Amen

    Much Love

    I forgot, I feel what you feel and I feel like crying....Please PMs me...I need to talk to you........

    Love You Sister
  8. I just fell so blessed to have found this forum! I mean that with completely! I think I may have only been here for less than a week now but I feel like I've been reunited with family! You may not understand, but I think you all will know exactly what I mean by that! What Unity there is here! I love you all!
  9. Treshay it is wonderful to see God touching your life- that was awesome!:D
  10. it is mentioned about end time dreams and prophecies.
  11. Act 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
    Act 2:18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:
  12. Tresay, I just pulled this bit at the end out and I did read all your visions and to say to you .... You keep on trusting God my sister. He is doing great and mighty things in your life and don't let any one tell you any different.

    You keep praising Him for He is worthy to be praised and deserves all the honour and the glory.

    We must decrease so that He can increase. Hallalujuh to the Lamb of God.

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