Villagers Worship Baby Born With 2 Faces

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Watchman, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. So so sad.
  2. India has been called the land of one million idols.
  3. They worship their cattle instead of eating them. It's no wonder so many there there are starving. They worship their food.
  4. And rats. I was told by a missionary that if you have fleas in your home they may pay someone to lay there and let them feed as they consider them reincarnated beings and maybe even people.
  5. Their religion believes in reincarnation--so that bug could be someone's reincarnated mother. :D
  6. It was only last year we saw the little girl born in a nearby region with eight arms and legs.
    I wonder why these things are only being seen in these places?
    To be it looks as if she should have been twins, developed from a single egg that stopped splitting very early on?
  7. My only reaction to all this is:


    Followed by a shudder.....
  8. What a sad thing for that baby and those poor people. They are in desperate need of prayer.

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