Variation of a rub my wife and I produce.

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  1. Variation of a rub my wife and I produce.

    Variation of a rub my wife and I produce. ​

    Jamaican Jerk Rub​
    Great over pork or beef---generously rub into meat, leave sealed in plastic in fridge for 24 hrs.
    Ingredients: Amounts fill coffee grinder capacity
    1 tsp. PAPRIKA
    1 tsp. CHILI POWDER

    1 tsp. CURRY
    1/8 tsp./tad TURMERIC
    ¼ tsp ALLSPICE
    1/8 tsp./Tad CINNAMON
    1 1/2 tsp. GARLIC POWDER
    Tad SUGAR
    ¼ tsp SEA SALT
    To make seasoning into rub:
    In a coffee grinder give the mix 3 short grinds, then grind and shake until med/coarse: approx. 10 seconds.
    In a separate bowl mix equal amounts of white vinegar, pre-minced garlic- (make sure you get some of the juice with it), and lemon juice. Option: mix these liquids together in a blender w/fresh onion.
    Keep it fresh-mix only as much rub as needed by combining spices and liquid together, mixing into a thick paste.

    Nice .... Least ... that sounds good . And to mix those spices together .... Mmmmmmm.

    That is great on chicken and I always wanted that mixture cause I associate with a lot of Jamiacans here but they would never give me that rub. Thanks ... now I got it .
  3. Went to Jamacia..was dissapointed in 'fake Jamacian food' in the U.S. Many thanks to my wifes disciphering taste buds. We're marketing it, beginning stages, good to hear positive feed-back. I don't want to accidentally contribute to counterfit Jerk! God bless you!
  4. Well that sounds like a good plan.

    We are exposed to jerk here in Toronto cause like I said there are many Caribbean people living here . In the summer in Aug there is a big festival call" Caribanna'". People come for all over to see it . They say it is like the one in Trinidad.

    I had a neibour next door who did catering and she was from Ghianna ( Spelling ) and she made jerk chicken , pork you name it .
  5. I don't have a coffee grinder, can something else be used to grind it all up?
  6. The blender will do or if you have one of those Magic Bullets .
  7. Ok, I don't have a magic bullet but I've got a blender.
  8. Hey - 'Least' ...

    Ya had me a might worried there for a minute. If y'all look at the main Home and Garden listing for this here thread, all it says in the text line is "Variation of a rub my wife..." and it don't include the words "... and I produce." :D

    When I got in here to see the actual thread, I saw the full text line and it set my mind at ease again. Funny how the form kinda leaves off the end words of long titles. Whew... glad that's over.
  9. Good one. Thanks for the laugh
  10. He he ..... I never looked at it that way. But it is funny .

    I guess living amongst the Caribbeans and being good freinds with them made me happy that finally I got their recipe as no one would give it to me .

    I actually had jerk chicken yesterday . Not mine ,some one else's and it was hot . My mouth is still burning.:D:D

  11. Oh, Oh .... How did you know that the chicken was a jerk ? :D

  12. OOps ,I pushed the edit button instead of reply cause I was laughing so hard .... sorry about that .

    It was the jerk who ate it ..... LOL :D:D:D.

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