Urgent request for prayer

Discussion in 'Prayer Support' started by thumper22jm, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Urgent request for prayer

    My son in law's nephew, David 28 years old, was in a bad automobile accident last night. He is in intensive care with extensive brain injuries. The brain is swelling. He is not in good shape at all. His parents have already lost one son a year ago this last August, so pray for them also. He has a younger brother still at home.

    Would you please cover him with prayers?
  2. I am praying for him. May God be glorified in every storm, may his healing love overshadow him and reduce his brain swelling.
  3. Praying that God will touch this young man and made whole. May all the praise be given to our Heavenly Father. Father, just speak Your powerful words of healing. According to our faith and Your promises, we thank You and praise You for answered prayer. In Jesus name we pray....AMEN
  4. I am praying for them all, and for you.

    :pray: :pray: :pray:
  5. Praying for this family. I hope this young man will be healed.
  6. David is out of the hospital and has made a complete recovery. Thank each and everyone of you for your prayers.

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