Unlimited Faith

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  1. Unlimited Faith

    Mar 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

    The only limitation we have as a child of God, is our faith, and not if God will allow us to experience what he has already done for us and to us. All the promises of God are yes and in him amen unto the Glory of God by us. (2 Cor 1:20) Why are we giving Glory to God for his promises? Because he has not said no to any of them, and there is no limitations given unto a child of God. Our faith is the only thing that prevents us from knowing God closer, and his Kingdom to where has already translated us into.

    Right now every Christian is experiencing God according to his own faith. If we want to experience more then will have to believe more, and I don't mean your faith needs to get stronger. Faith never grows in strength, or “quality” it only grows in “quantity”. A believer can faith in one area of his life, and have zero faith in another. If faith did grow in quality then all we would have to do is roll our faith over into another area of our life, and be done with it. Unfortunately this does not work, and never will.

    If we are a born a gain believer then we all would have “saving faith”, but saving faith will not bring healing to your body, because it was not designed for healing, but only for salvation. If we want healing for our bodies then we have to go to the scriptures that promise that. Faith is very specific to the promise from where it comes from”. What do we do with the faith once we extract it from a specific promise in the Word of God? We put it right back into the promise from were we received it from. What does that do? It causes you to experience the fulfilling of that promise in your life.

    I am convinced this has been a stumbling block to the Church for centuries. Who is teaching this, even though it is in plain sight for all to see? We have just assumed when Jesus talked about little faith, or increased faith, he was talking about the small power of faith, which is totally untrue!!! His disciples asked Jesus to “increase” their faith. Jesus used the smallest of all seeds to explain to them that the size of faith means absolutely nothing!!! You either have faith, or you don't.

    Every promise in the Word of God brings with it the exact faith needed to bring that promise to pass a persons life.

    Who actually believes that they are sitting on the right of God in Christ Jesus? Not many if any even though this is true!!! How many believe they have died and are now living as those who are alive from the dead? Not many if any even though it is true. How many believe that God has already brought them to Mount Zion the city of the living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem? Not many if any even though it is true!!!! Why? Because we don't believe it!!! We believe more in what our “flesh” is telling us over and above what the Word of God says. It time to wake up and rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.
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  2. The mustard seed is the only seed that can not be cross polanated or polluted. Thus staying pure and true.

    We are all given thee measure of faith and must be built up becoming stronger, unmoveable, not wavering or questioning.

    Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing the word of God.

    This developes our faith and our faith grows and becomes strong where as to stand with out giving up.

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  3. Brother, let me ask you a question. If faith comes by hearing, whose voice are we suppose be hearing which bring this faith?

    Rom 10:17.. So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

    Noticed, it does not say Faith comes by hearing the "words" (plural) of God, but by hearing the Word of God. Who is the Word of God?
    Jesus (singular) alone is the Word of God, not plural as meaning many words. Jesus Christ who is singular the only one Word of God, he himself speaks words (plural) out of his mouth. Whose words (plural) does Jesus speak out of his mouth. Jesus, the singular Word of God speaks words (plural) of what he hears his Father say through him.

    Where does faith come from? It comes from hearing Jesus the one and only Word of God speaking to us his Fathers words, which is what we have in scripture.
    Jesus is not the Bible!! The Bible did not raise from the dead, but Jesus did.

    Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God!!!!

    What does this tell me? You can hear a person quote the Bible (scripture) all day long and never actually hear the Word of God.
  4. What is your point in this ?
    How is it different from what you quoted?

    Just not sure what your goal or point was.:)
  5. In my opinion...Faith becomes deeper and more developed when our spirits hear our own voices speak the Word Of God. Faith can come also by a preacher or teacher (even in terms of faith in worldly things, and ideas) but for our faith to grow it must be spoken...2 Corinthians 4:13 ..We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak;

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    You are correct sister! May I add something here.

    Pro 16:1.. The plans of the heart belong to humans, but an answer on the tongue comes from the LORD. (GW)

    This does not mean we are just saying what the Word says, it is the Lord himself who is speaking in, and through us. Which is why this scripture is true.

    1Pe 4:11.. If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. (KJV)

    "Oracles" is God speaking through that person. The Corinthian Church wanted proof that Christ was speaking in, and through the Apostle Paul.

    2Co 13:3.. Since you desire and seek [perceptible] proof of the Christ Who speaks in and through me. [For He] is not weak and feeble in dealing with you, but is a mighty power within you; (AMP)

    I guarantee the Corinthian Church could and did notice, and sense the power and the authority of Paul's words, because it was not Paul who was speaking, but Christ himself through Paul!!!

    This is why the scripture says, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" Faith does not come by hearing the words of God, but buy hearing the Word of God himself who speaks the words of God.

    These things do not just fall into our laps automatically, they have to be known and understood before the Lord can use us for his Glory!!

    I tell this to everyone who asks me. I tell them to pay close attention to what the Lord God speaks to you though your own mouth!!

    Pro 16:23.. The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lips.

    Any Christian who understands this knows the importance of what he or she says is from the Lord, and it carries power, and authority in every word, not only to the one speaking it, but even those on the receiving end.

    This is why you can go to a Church and hear a minister quote the words of God all day long, but never hear the Word of God, because the words of God can only be spoken through the Word of God which is Jesus Christ. If that makes any sense to you.
  7. Brother the written word of God is God speaking.....

    If one does not learn to hear God's voice in His written word one will not hear much else for one would not even recognize His voice.

    All it takes is ears to hear.
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  8. John 5:37 And the Father who sent me has himself borne witness about me. His voice you have never heard, his form you have never seen,

    Was Jesus speaking the "words" of God his Father? How can Jesus say they never heard his voice when he was speaking God's Word directly?
    No I am sorry, the Word of God is not heard with man's ears or seen with his eyes, but only with his spirit!!
  9. Brother you have it all turned around. You first hear the Father voice before you will ever hear his words in the Bible. Which means if you never have a intimate relationship with the God the Father through prayer the words in the bible will never speak anything to you!!!
  10. Brother Curtis Hello,
    I am not going to get into a silly debate over this. Seems you are building a doctrine over how things are worded.

    Jesus said many times....those who have ears let them hear. Do you think many folks only had one ear or maybe no ears? :rolleyes: lol no brother I believe most had 2 ears.

    He was talking about spiritual ears.
    That is how any one hears His word.

    God's voice for the most part is a small still voice. How will any one ever recognize this voice if they have not spent time in His word learning how God thinks.

    Any way have a great week
  11. God bless you brother. I apologize, but I do not agree with you 100%. One does not have to understand everything written in the God's Word in order to be able to speak what God has already said. Nor for one to be used by God. Understanding comes by meditating upon the Word...which the meaning of meditating is to utter to oneself, or to speak over and over. Thus the Word of God gets fed into our spirits, from our mouths to our spiritual ears, through our ears on our physical body.

    I do also believe that one can be sitting in a service listening to an anointed teacher/preacher/pastor and either miss what God gave them to speak (if they are submitted to the Holy Spirit, allowing themselves to speak exactly what the Spirit told them to speak).... or if they have spiritual ears to hear they can receive what the Spirit has ordained to be spoken for that moment by that specific person. Matthew 13:15 says that people have the ability to close their ears and harden their hearts. Just because someone is speaking what God wants said, does not mean everyone will receive what is spoken, through the Holy Spirit.

    In my opinion faith comes by hearing the Word of God, because the Word of God Is Christ Himself. The Bible is God's Word, written under the unction of the Holy Spirit. It is just as much a manifestation of the Holy Spirit as healing or Jesus Himself. 2 Timothy 3:16 in the niv says that all Scripture is God breathed. So God, through the Holy Spirit, gave or breathed His Words to Holy anointed men who were filled with the Holy Spirit, and allowed and submitted their bodies (mouths and hands) to be used by the Holy Spirit.

    The Bible, Which is God's Words put in a format we can see, according to Hebrews.4:12 is living and active. It's alive and every time we get the words that come out of our mouths to line up and agree with It, then we are speaking the living Words and they carry power, because they carry the very same "substance" that the world's were formed from.

    They are seeds to be planted within our spirits (hearts, inner man) and when those words (seeds) are spoken, and as they are spoken over and over again they produce faith. Those seeds produce after their own kind. And thus produce the very things we are speaking. This process works on the opposite or negative side as well. So if we are speaking negative words bad things are going to be happening in our lives. For out of the abundance of the heart (inner man) the mouth speaks (Matthew 12: 34b-35).

    Blessings to you and yours in abundance
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  12. Do you mean I am building something on the Word of God? Of course I am, as their is no other standard to go by.
    You are right, Jesus was talking about spiritual eyes, and ears, which means the "flesh" profits nothing at any time. Hearing the Word of God with your physical ears does nothing. Seeing the Word with your physical eyes also does nothing as Jesus said my words are "spirit" and they are life. There is no contact with the physical to the spiritual. Man has tried every way possible to hear the voice of God using his fleshly senses, and has flailed miserably, and as a consequence man has reverted to using his "carnal" mind to try and figure things out to what God is saying today. That is not going to happen!!!

    No man can come to God unless the Father draws him. Every thing starts off with the Father first before anyone comes to Jesus (the Word) That's is just how it is.
    I guarantee, you did not get saved until you first heard the Father, he taught you something, and by doing this he drew you to Jesus (the Word)!!. This is were the problem has been for decades in the Church. Every body says when you read the Bible that is God talking to you. No it's not!!! The Word of God never speaks, until the Father speaks first, which is why Jesus told us this...

    John 6:45.. It is written in the Prophets, 'And they will all be taught by God.' Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me—

    Every one will come to Jesus when? Not until after you first hear the Father, and he teaches you something. Then you go to the Word of God to where God confirms what he has said to you. (the Gospel) What has happen for many many years is every one in the Church has been teaching every one to put the Word of God first place, and that is wrong. You always put the Father first through prayer, and if you don't do that, the scriptures will never say anything to you, no matter how much you read it. God the Father has been cut out of the learning process which is why there is all kinds of dumb things people in the Church are believing today!!!
    It's all man made belief that has no power or authority in it because what they believe was never taught by God the Father!!
  13. I never said someone had to know every thing before the Lord could use them, or even speak the Word of God. Anyone can speak scriptures out of their mouth, but there will be no authority or power in it unless Jesus himself speaking it through that person. The Lord will not use a person until that person has "purged" himself from iniquity. (2 Tim 2:19-21) Iniquity is what a man says, or does in its own power, and abilities. Even if it is speaking the scriptures!!!
    What does this mean? It means when a person is speaking who has purged himself from doing his own works, and his own opinions (which means nothing) only then will God speak through that person to others, and you can be sure those on the receiving know it!!
  14. Sister, "understanding" is "Wisdom". Where does Wisdom come from? It comes out of the mouth of God.

    Pro 2:6.. For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

    Pro 14:33.. Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that hath understanding: but that which is in the midst of fools is made known.

    Wisdom is understanding, understanding is Wisdom. How does one get it? It only comes out of the mouth of God. Which means without a intimate fellowship with God the Father through prayer you will never get any! I thought it came from the Word of God!! Where did the Word of God come from? The Word of God is what came from God the Father! It is extremely important that we understand how God works. Everything starts with God the Father, then the Son of God, and then the Holy Spirit who bears witness to what the Father, and Word says. If you do not go to God the Father first through prayer everything else will be man made doctrine which is useless.
    The Word of God never speaks until God the Father speaks first.
  15. So, you actually believe that the Bible is Jesus Christ? Sister, the Bible is not Jesus!!! The Bible did not die for you, and the Bible did not rise from the dead, but Jesus did which actually spoke the words of his Father that we have in scriptures.
    If all scripture is God breathed, and it is, does that mean that God created himself, or are the scriptures words that God has said through men who were inspired to speak them?
  16. Good way to twist what I said.....

    Have a great day
  17. Brother Curtis hi,
    Look this is getting no where at all.
    If One has not made God's word first place and last place or final authority in their lives then one will not live victorious .

    You my friend are simply refusing to see that the written word of God is His voice. You are to busy trying to prove that hearing God's written word is not the same as hearing His voice.

    I did not just say anything against the Holy Spirit speaking to us or God speaking but rather saying God's written word is life and helth to those who find it.

    Any way I am not hear to prove anything but share from what God is working into my life.

    Now this is my last reply for it is heading to debating and I refuse to enter in.

    Have a very blessed week my friend.

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