Unhealthy Restaurants

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  1. wow after reading the top 10 i am very supprised that places like Mcdonalds and wendys are on there though i have to admit when i go out for fast food (very rarely) i probably get a weeks worth of calories in 1 meal lol
  2. These are "American" restauraunts?

    I've never even heard of half of these places. :confused:
  3. I've heard of most of them, their American alright.

    And concidering what list they're on... Be glad you've never heard of them. :p
  4. They are probably coastal. (East/West coast.)

    Most of those "trendy" places don't do well in the heartland at all.
    For example, I can't imagine anyone paying more than 75 cents for a cup of coffee.

    That is probably very true. ;)
  5. lol i cant even imagine paying 75 cents for a coffee though i dont drink coffee so... lol
  6. ...
    I hate you both. :p
    Coffee here is what? 1-2$ ? if you want something other then just plain then it's $5 +
    I'm REALLY glad I don't drink coffee.
  7. lol richard its the same where i am aswell i dont buy the junk so i dont really care though i just think its sad how some one will pay up to $10 for a cup of coffee
  8. There's a place called "Starbucks" that's the big thing right now. I don't know if you have them in other places like Nova Scotia or not, but they're the big dogs in the US. (I guarantee Richard knows what they are, I think they started in California didn't they??) Anyway, they sell those $5.00 coffee's.

    We never did get one around here but in town a wannabe place opened up. Same thing, $5.00 coffee just for a little Hersheys syrup added and some whipped creme on top.

    The big thing I have seen recently are fake "Starbucks" coffee cups!! :D

    They look just like the ones from the frilly little coffee shops with the snap on lids and all of that, but you buy them in packs like any other disposable cup.

    That way you can fill them in the morning, drive to work and everyone thinks you're cool and paid big bucks for your coffee! :cool:

    Myself...I'll stick with my Stanley thermos thank you very much.
  9. Yah .... We have Star Bucks here but I don't like their coffee . It's bitter and over priced . I know you guys don't have Tim Hortons but I think some parts of the States do . Every one lines up here for a famous Timmies. .... Coffee is $1.75 for a large.
  10. yep we got starbucks here and second cup (Canadian version of starbucks) bothe horribly riced and nasty coffee (tryed it once only cause a friend bought it for me) though last winter i did go there for hot chocolate a couple times i have to admit it was very good.
  11. yup, some really yummy resturants there!:)
    there is a baskin robbins a while from our way that we love to visit cause on one side it is a baskin robbins but on the other it is a krispy Kream!!! hehe, soo good, but yeah things like that should be sparing.
  12. Funny you should say about krispy cream . When they first came here people lined up over night to get those donuts and then gradually we saw them disappear . They didn't do good here cause everyone goes to Tim Hortons . They are like the national trade mark or something . They are always busy.
  13. The Krispy Kreme that opened here a few years ago with massive hype and fanfare and long lines faded quickly into oblivion. I think there's an office supply store there, now.

    I don't go to a lot of fast-food places anymore, but I gotta have my Wendy's now and then. Best fries of any right now.
  14. My inlaws live in Burlington and they go to Tim Horton's.. When they are here they go to Starbucks.

    I like only one thing at Starbucks... Otherwise I just do with out coffee LOL

    I clicked on the link to read the article and it didn't work :(
  15. i personally think KFC or Dairy Queen has the best frys followd closely by A&W. i find wendys frys to be kinds soggy and way to greasy though that might just be the wendys here they probably dont have the oil hot enough.

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