Unforseen Solace

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  1. I'm presenting you my rough draft of my book of poems that I'd been working on through difficulties and as enjoyment these last two years.

    I recently made the decision to allow it to reflect the word of the bible the best I can.

    I post it to be approved and reproofed by my audience and to challenge them.
    But I mainly wrote it for enjoyment.

    These are being posted in no particular order so please bare with me that
    Its not in the most entertaining presentation

    here we go


    breaking new rules
    whats the point of the old ones
    as I understand progress is made from old sons
    I'd love to give an answer
    but I'm not a very good dancer
    music is more of a hobby
    I'd like women for it to be more of a hobby as well


    touched so I've heard to be like angels or just making
    contact with my heart
    compassion a great big word
    falls and humbles instantly
    as I fall apart
    while men hold on to what they know as they too their hearts fall apart
    pride turns to arrogance to sadness like victims
    never knew happiness, if fun was the only thing worth enjoying
    from the start.
    now i feel it
    and can't stand such an unreachable love

    No regrets

    I don't know
    Don't play the game and theyre
    wondering what its all about
    what happens if I do what
    Im not expected to
    and left questioning the mystery
    millions flying
    in theft?
    taste so good
    I thought I never would
    know the difference
    between life and death. and my thoughts
    escape even though never out run


    have respect for all things
    give respect by giving others and yourself time

    if someone is angry don't deal with them

    don't think things are funny that are not

    don't test things or people as they will have patience if you have patience

    attitude does a lot with playing fair

    if I don't second guess generosity
    and kindness
    and overlook integrity
    I'll be fine

    together with out anger

    will make up my sense of

    humility and humbleness

    A strong person knows when to walk
    a mature person knows how to walk
    away from a situation


    all error shows itself if it
    cannot be changed
    no time of expedience or
    indecency will last

    surely there is a wrong way
    and a right way.

    and some things arn't worth

    error in me is my challenge
    and obstacle and even though it is there everyday it has nothing to do
    with others
    but it will get in the way as long as I do not change
    character whether I think it does

    instead of giving others excuses to act
    inappropriately, I will act appropriately and without hesitation
    or retaliation?
    sure lets try for that


    already tasted what it is to be king?
    go ahead make a sound cuz whats on
    the wing, lands hearts on
    us cuz we trade spades
    for a life we don't
    cute, standing on a root
    whatever, rather go
    if your going to go with someone who's love isn't known
    when were both left on shelf
    mind, sublime
    but outside
    acting like snares, fun? no
    caught in web
    you know of some supposed


    stripper angel
    isn't going to help live
    regular people good enough
    and even then, have to have excess?
    try to shape down to a tee
    sometimes be like bruce lee
    atleast controlling appetites
    atleast, sometimes feel alive
    lost strength and the definition
    of ease
    relearn respect
    isn't funny when thinking something
    is only happening to you
    don't want to have struts about
    just want to free
    how about never by choice
    little bit of life, space to breathe
    a heart
    and don't have to play coy


    No, then whats worth fighting
    already lost

    more lies to protect the
    strong hold of one's old news
    than truth for him to come to terms with
    the moment of an hour

    on tv
    on the fence
    getting stiff, Rest???
    waiting for someone to convince
    when they know
    better do the right thing
    know the right thing

    battles won depending
    if its real

    Not even

    I'll be quiet and forget
    I read such nonsense
    maybe all this trouble is just
    providence. the grandeur rich
    with escape. there's no secrets in
    heaven. and no rhymes to excuse mis..
    maybe I love hate being me
    miss out on everything
    scooby doo, the mystery gang
    can't help me take off whats on my..
    path is like the moment endures
    certainly its a bold statement
    my legs run across the roads
    and care less about the payment
    can't keep this rhyme any longer
    and my rythm is a motherfu..
    days of having fun
    till the day of judgement comes
    one thing I forgot
    was all who never thought
    would be like me
    hypocricy, I'd like to write
    but tears can't keep from
    smearing lines.
    hard, hard, till death
    do us part. but love life
    like man holding a rose in strife
    next line you'd think it was something
    to do with a wife. I'm going to go
    learn how to fly a kite. thats it.
    not good enough, go watch good times, dyna..


    hearts of hearts, Unreachable love
    childhood dream remembered
    from up above
    people want me to forget
    so they can remember
    something that doesn't matter
    momentary rush to step on
    love and satisfied to disillusion
    such a merciful creature, cannot be found here
    and so I must go
    to where I will find
    between me and the past only raining
    so let go
    cus a woman doesn't want me to give up
    but for her

    someday dead and people will say
    enough said but hear, heart is still beating in original way
    from life I'd like to never wake up from dreaming


    this is the period when no ones good or bad
    no point of view to be had
    cus everyone knows what everyone else
    is thinking
    theres no story to tell till someone
    makes a move
    but no one knows where
    they're going if they don't already


    strife is like a hot meal
    you must breathe and blow on it
    before you put it into your

    let compliments be said
    wether back handed
    show gratitude, be plain and short
    and not clever

    Don't waste energy on those you percieve to
    be fools or unkind.

    and don't bother speaking to those who will waste your time.
    you can tell when someone is wasting your time.

    truth is something better in small doses, sometimes in large.

    perfection will not be reached instantaneously

    progress can dissipate
    by focusing on it

    Welcome to the night

    welcome to the night when no man
    can work. a parade for the homeless
    because not even the sheltered can
    hide their hurt. clothing for everyone
    each fits every size. Pleasure is like the
    devils tongue, god cutting limits to everything was wise


    to teach this class row by row
    put on the spot
    not just going to wing it, ding it

    could be a japanese situation
    and going to be like kung pow when I meet it
    don't get it confused
    archtypical situation
    I'm usually in trouble
    repeating itself?
    got the prize
    If worth the time
    a shadow of whats there,
    clothing in disguise. You think
    a brand name to get listed
    now this is all talk

    whats it like to continue with change

    keep from getting got


    everyone grinding their teeth
    want to be in the lead
    some things catching up to me
    for a loser its kinda easy
    just keep letting it pass by
    just keep letting others win
    ready, set, drop it, win
    Im trying to get what your getting
    Im not getting what your getting
    While your finding out I'll be forgetting
    my minds made up
    my heart is in the right
    woman, hold up or not
    got a style in the works
    I know, can't wait, If I call, a hazard, and a flirt
    think I know, but I don't go passed to show
    I've got no poetry so
    Walk by in skirt,
    and pour scorn out on the hurt
    inspiration sometimes desperation
    waiting for paydirt
    be waiting along
    destiny chose
    maybe the one I did
    maybe not
    is there ever enough time to heal?

    Lions Den?

    thats what it takes to win
    where to begin
    Your beginning supposedly my end
    circles and circles all day
    everyone pretending like they're in the lions den.
    now time goes forward, only one stop
    but thats alright
    sometimes even I'm licking my lips for another drop

    Get Back up

    crooked situation, desperate times might be my imagination
    rhymes won't help me where I need explanation or good time
    need answers fast cuz trying to get a sense of how I'm wrong
    So I can have some peace
    people trying to live their lives
    put this down in simple english
    problem starts with me
    more than anything
    when blaming others
    brothers and someones mother
    forgot what its like to wake up
    and feel humble, stumble on a stumbling block and get back up

    Home as I'll ever be

    Seemlessly wanted the scenery
    and got all the symbolism literally
    its not like there was a place where I could stand
    to be the subject of anothers gaze
    as I was just trying to let go easily
    to be amazed

    Tables turning. ambitions burning.
    ashes stirring. maybe learning.
    while my ego feeling the blow with words I say

    Be careful not to get my hopes up too high
    I might just try to fly
    and find that all my dreams are someone else's lie
    naive to believe that the adventure awaiting me, would grow to become theme parks
    walmarts, well versed nursery rhymes for hate mongerers that make for a claim that robbery is a way of life
    whats out of reach never seems what its worth
    do I really want to know what its like to experience birth
    why do I think I don't remember
    to find that I'm a statistic, demographic in what seemed so unique. earth
    and cries are just someone's burden
    no more reaching up high, to raise expectations to a youth that grow up to abandon all wonder but still want to justify their life full of unappreciation.
    just another man at work
    And all was wanted was to see the trees in the forest I once saw home
    something well learned
    and all I wanted was to feel like I'm not alone
    live expressions grandiose like ocean waves, come back hitting full force
    Wanted to know it was well worth the fight
    drained of everything called life just to know I can feel alright
    Here comes an army of a critic to set things right, pillage and mock
    sarcasm and pettiness insues, to know that someone else felt more alive
    I don't want to continue carefully with every word
    I don't want to grow old before I see the season blossoming. The leaves falling in the midst of being alone.
    Like those around me
    reminded of their beauty turned to insults pulled them down just like an accussation turned around.
    always someone coming to make kids sad, and abandon hope?
    It was hope what was heard in the laughter as the scenery reflected a seemlessly ordinary day.
    and yet the one we'd like to remember the most.
    I don't know if I'll ever see the day of walking by the trees and listening to the reverie prose of simplicity. being enough of meaning
    to belong seemlessly, long and far removed from any meaning but filled with the delight of the sway of wind moving the trees to let go of
    leaves as I'm honored to enjoy the shower passing underneath
    Satisfied as I'll ever be
    Home as I'll ever be


    unprocessed refuge salvage material to refine
    takes so long to make twists and go right, matter what I do? Matter's more ifs stay gone and memory, not to. and less relevant to mention forgotten, buried.
    Always ripe and ready present when
    bit off enough and not more than what can be chewed, cacophany of joke added more to realize? or more to be alright. Less than standing to attention
    as if it were speaking to who, address the audience, speech. stubborn, hardheaded, tooth and nail, and the rise to the occasion for thick skin, wouldn't want to see a dead whale
    a proposal challenge to meet. Someone say" Your're stupid for intrigue" James Bond would lose his cool.
    down to simplicity, swallowed up in potential, In a complicated world no one's taking me under their wing. Simplicity?
    residual, remnant, unscripted
    settle it, air, settle
    settle for less, settle for weight, something to move then rest.

    without thinking of a single one
    like I need a reason. explanation, I suppose no one wants to hear, it sounds like treason
    excuses smear the ink jot found
    on pride, I've been playing too long this game of things

    A man. alright. celebrate my good traits, charms, and a clever move, hold the niavety

    I'm a man. certainly will have the world putting it on pedestal, care when creeping due to risks.

    everything's a risk lest I keep it down to basics. and attitude functioning, not a factor to end all judgements.

    remove pride to find the reason to feel disappeared and I'm really an alpha if it was something to gain.

    win. reputation. measure. of a man's aqcuired taste and palate.

    I don't know how to be something human selfaware, so my aim is straight, not contradiction.


    laugh and smile whenever I do
    get your freak on and cus, because at the moment theres other things I'd like to
    hard to say things that bring dismay
    choosing between a lack of will and grace
    choosing who should be in my life
    learning to choose things that are wise
    falling down
    from the sky
    Don't want to be
    like that so save
    and I don't have to ask why
    No such thing getting high
    losing the plot and the storyline

    Every decision counts

    every decision counts
    for years to come
    wanna play a game. you'll be won.
    end up a rich man
    end up a slave
    and up a dead man at the crest of his wave
    end up a skeleton who learns to behave
    end up what might be the inevitable moment of change
    given the circumstances I don't really get to do what I want.
    pick up a style and not care, go fast before I get smart.
    shows over.
    partys over. but i gatta clean up. can't tell anyone. thats whats up.
    had enough.
    from a loser, sprouts a winner
    if a saint, I was once a sinner

    Pure and Simple, everything else

    no judgement, no arrogance
    no neglect, no pride
    loving and compassionate is who I am
    everything else is worth letting go
    self reliance goes hand in hand
    and for self reliance strength is needed
    I do have to let other people do their thing
    business, nonsense and do my best to bring tranquility,
    tanguery to atleast myself

    pure and simple
    why not, I've tried everything else
    going to give me a hard time about it
    life goes on I suppose
    no ones trying to stop me, no one wants to drop me
    life is easier when rock free
    I have to not believe in superstition or fantasy
    base my faith on rhymes or technology
    all lies go to the side of me
    I know that life didn't always feel this way like it does now


    touched the fruit too much
    lost forever more to the perilous endeavors of knowledge
    saw nothing but the repetitions of schemes acknowledged
    I drink because I suppose its the one thing that can be given as mere remedy
    for times of suffering, times of mass, even times of peace we enjoy
    alcohol could that possibly be ridden
    A branch like it won't be burned as if because its long and reaches the ground
    but never thought I'd enjoy standing on the root of a tree such as this one
    seen tree trunks and wonder what its like to see a forest cut down before my eyes
    but atleast I have the scriptures

    Left myself Behind

    apology on my face
    did I get the message
    let go to return it
    apology is the message
    the one in owe is a liar
    cuz they don't get it the first time
    and focus on it
    like it was the horizon waiting for the day to come back
    better play fair, aimlessly lose the false gesture of love
    didn't know it. Make the day great and theres no need to hope
    the appreciation of what was made, the day wasted or accomplished.
    not going back to having the same thoughts had ten years ago
    hope theres no reason to wonder will I have them in twenty
    never saw what I'm good at, spending what is plenty
    In debt for being petty
    that I lost sight of it
    and lashed out
    arrogance leaves its marks
    I could see why no one lets me
    shouldn't say anything about whats worth it
    lost confidence in whats worth it
    To realize a perfect bundle of mistakes
    hiding under
    and though I'm not that deep
    and surface
    I'm free everytime
    I realize
    my own bondage


    those of truth always have power over those of lies
    some say they made jesus walk by creating a generation of villainy
    others will say its a situation of someone trying to make for innocence trying to make for their own justifiability
    I know that celebrity or not judgement comes because its come on me. What does this exclude you brother, man, person,
    and what you decide of thought and belief.

    afraid or not. I'm here with my trail and there you are with yours think wisely of where you go cuz these times are not so.

    New Currency?

    oh how I dreamed that we could make ends meet so easily and see each other happy with doors open to the struggling to have that sensation
    to some so familiar, we take for granted and yet unsavored or known to those left out to work.
    I wouldn't know, I'm a stranger to myself. I come here dressed like I could care less. but
    I care, care.
    no more do I make efforts for gestures of a generosity that generations used to make the sound of a thank you
    if I saw someone's cell phone on the floor, I don't know if I should call and do what isn't done anymore, pay it forward never thought it
    would make a new currency.
    Its not like I yearn for someone to love, cuz really I'm having trouble loving me, wonder where to find what it means, I've gone mostly without the affections of that, to love, what is that?
    I don't seem to be someone, I've lost touch with the genuine and made way for a mockery, and love is one of many things I know
    its been a distance from me. How I was, thought I find it, didn't think its my crimes that got to me, and now I'm relieved to think I can see a chance to learn to walk out
    without escape,
    with the old becoming the guides for I can change in my story.

    Plain Sight

    I remember when I was
    younger everything was fine like wine
    and I couldn't tell the difference
    how so many things could seem
    right if the world notice whats in plain sight
    didn't know that fire and cold
    you live by, they exist to let you feel
    both in the splendor of comfort of warmth and breeze of the wind in presence of timeless innocence of water
    ocean tides
    the innate recollections of a return to stillness as the trees have more to say when my old patterns, prenotion, don't inquisite.
    dumbfound to make articulate interests,
    coherent is less than specific
    present is lived in a free unmeasured second,
    Minutes are a suprise to find meaningless
    time.. time.. tied when moments leading to moments
    is a recipe for existance?
    method has always stood place
    spontaneous, spontaneous, sponsor and give yourself a wake up call
    when rehearsing lost its flare, and losing run its course.
    Hiding in plain sight, And with new clothes, no longer hiding
    Odd what I look like, one jacket, pair of shoes, pants. and shirt.
    turns out I was never the person wearing the clothes.
    I wore something else, something entirely different and there was me, another person.

    Breathing Instead of Lies

    well atleast I get to see the show
    and its good like I know
    chance we meet, the person writing this
    won't recognize me
    like to have some life improvement
    simplifying my perception
    my vacation is a regular day
    finally got back to caring
    off to better things
    though far away
    For a guy who blew it
    can really use it
    properly, exit quietly
    alive , confidence , passive
    who cares who sees me
    who cares I'm breathing

    trade my words
    for the warmth of breathe
    reaching in the forest
    a moment brightens red
    a place I found rest, I felt it once
    a sigh of embarassment, spent so many years
    trying to be alone. people I noticed brushed up on me, distant relatives, wish they'd knew me.
    manage stress, manage bills, manage to live to feel something real thats worth emotion, more than I care to give away
    priceless, the day that changed me
    whatever way was broken, it was worth being homeless
    I see how simple it was, and yet simple still is.
    to come back to who I am, thought I'd never see again. I thought I lost
    my only friend and couldn't afford to mourn someone only I would notice
    the only one who asked how I am, and didn't judge me for answering honestly.
    I'm not well and theres someone who didn't walk away
    He knew me and yet I forget he ever existed.
    a fable for listening attentive ears?
    a role model for the fatherless?
    Someone to know as I grow older
    sometimes life leaves an answer to all my whys.
    forgotten, a trampled memory.
    of someone who was on their way to being someone I know is me.
    collided in the wrecklessness of an aging desperate who saw an opportunity impatient to get to it before I knew I had developed potential and realize it.
    crash colliding reaching far
    the person I knew, never again did I see but drowning, buried in a bad dream of disable, handicap gesturing. a part of a life no longer any way
    to notice that it was, once the best I could hope to remember. me, my best. is the past, a grave. that never cries, facial muscles, and the head thats
    left me with no reminder what personal space is like, I'm no longer, a me I can identify as nearing complete, coherent, feeling, distance is no such thing
    in my permanent of being suprised but unable to notice the car accident I walked away from, too disoriented to assess the damage of what no longer there I can identify
    my sensitive little spirit excited to live
    injured and never could believe he knew what it was like to be alive. sensitive no more, can barely recognize I wouldn't know what to do with more
    or feel what its like

    This concludes the first post as I don't want one post to run too long
  2. Post #2

    Please note that I make no claim to be a teacher but only a student

    Christian Thoughts

    on what is good and forget about filth
    and what excites the night
    for I might change my mind

    live like the day
    and be familiar with it

    do not mind the disturbances
    of others
    for there is nothing to gain
    from them if you are in a
    safe place

    live as one knows is right
    and let live

    do not be overlooking of inequity
    and corruption unless you forget
    what it is and what it looks like

    Do not be intoxicated by pride
    or ideas of indestructability

    every moment is rich with life
    for those who live their ways
    in it and that lead to life

    what is righteousness but the constant
    walking towards what is upright and good

    Don't mind others and they wont
    mind me but I mind myself

    Awareness is like wine
    meant to be saved
    for the right occasion

    There are many places for
    the humble when humility is
    considered and stored

    humbleness and humility doesn't
    change but it will change

    youth are not aware of
    the gifts they have
    if they are not taught

    thrills and excitement arn't worth
    anger is poison to all who
    touch it
    and passion must be disciplined
    all this for tolerance for fools
    while they wear themselves out
    while I learn strengths that they
    might not

    Do not be prideful or envious
    for I have no glory but
    that which is given
    and it is not taken or given
    by other men

    Just like any lad in his path
    there is times when he is
    reminded of when he was
    weak in his youth

    the patient and willing to be
    corrected will stand
    within reach of peace and prosperity

    those who keep a reflection of
    themselves clean have a clean house

    with understanding comes change
    upon oneself

    laziness and sloth will not profit
    a man but that which he is avoiding

    a simple man can do complicated
    things but a complicated man
    will have trouble doing the simplest


    Where would the birds go if there were no trees
    if there wasn't a nest then what about families?
    you go ahead and appreciate that snowcone quickly

    as much as you take, I try to let go
    what do you take me for
    I won't bring beliefs into this matter of discourse
    human beings, you'd think you'd know
    I try to let go for what I have not

    I thought I could, no its unappreciated
    I would, I thought I would,
    Easily slip that bill into the idea of a conclusion
    a question, and yet resolution ?
    drunkard when theres nothing worth living for
    let go of obcenities


    Do not tear your clothing
    for fear is the test of our garments
    to see if we are sturdy in them
    or if they do not belong to us

    Darkening World

    like there is no fire in a darkening world
    people will have to deal on there own
    in the police, in the civilian, in the political
    someone quote unquote said I performed in a fire in a darkening world
    humor entails the celebacy that derails but I tell you that my sense of bliss fails in farse of profit in a darkening world
    hate you me, cuz I see you I see reason to not want to see that in this hate you are my darkening world.

    tell me that I perform, movies that created for this storm but a budget I did try, you lie, and I try to fail cuz I'm alright burning too late.
    Here we are, for this one time illusions trial, for the slime of desert in favor for someone's trade and the heat of a burning trial.
    I'm here waiting in the darkening world

    what my worlds mean to me. I can only wait and see as this is what it will mean less and less as violence becomes reality and evil is nothing less than a memory
    when guns and smoke become hopeless.

    Christ will protect me in this dark world.

    Its just money

    my condition
    restful and clearsighted
    like to have control
    thank you very much
    Better use of the internet
    I'll take it from
    waiting to put
    peices together
    for peace to see
    that isn't what people want

    something can look many ways
    appetites are there but I rather
    behave and appreciate
    I should just learn to breathe
    and forget about too much art
    know one cares about that
    its just money


    some other way
    so simple
    not making this easy
    until its easy for me
    mercy, passively
    somethings I can let go
    when I'm ready
    nobility with passivity
    I wish I had more friends


    more important than
    a vow in a moment is
    holding the notion
    of rapture
    pondering it, questioning it,
    contemplating it
    giving time to live it
    breathe it, have a regard for it

    Sadness can be a treasure

    kitty cats and
    notice I'm in a hurry
    next food, next coffee
    don't even see the point
    living in the world
    with one place to go
    respect a earnest honest living
    to recieve, lost is the desire to be giving?
    if on crack cocaine
    to think one is winning
    sad beyond measure besides light
    sadness can be a treasure, the weather
    theres not much else to relate
    tragic nor suicidal
    no reflection
    find a way to
    find redemption


    life learned lessons
    hard learned lessons
    life hurts
    so put myself to work

    after awhile funny
    or hysterical
    doesn't do it

    if I don't
    have humility and patience
    what have I

    please care

    when animals play fair
    don't want to eat a steak
    more than medium rare
    don't get high to this
    so please care to take care
    calling it as it is
    someone in thanks
    hope I'll miss

    Every mans journey

    life is nice until
    made angry
    and then down hill
    every mans journey
    to stop the fall
    and not take others
    down with them


    its alright
    To be meek and wise
    than to become a
    prideful appetite driven man
    who's ambiton is bigger
    than his heart and

    Believe me?

    didn't realize I'd have so
    much power
    change dreams and
    wake up, a different hour?
    to experiment changed
    what I've been told I wanted
    I find besides myself, others also
    breaking through what I knew
    Isn't easy
    I'll have people tell me
    please, please believe me

    well, I'm not pleasing you. If you want I'll tell you what to do.

    can start by telling the truth


    forgive every person
    who did something to me
    rather than live with an agenda to
    despoil them and glorify such an awful thing


    am I decieved or am
    I deranged
    situations around me
    or do I change
    illusions are perfect
    well almost,
    being lied to
    by the presence of what might as well be ghosts


    While I was busy reminescing
    a wicked human being
    I confess
    in the change of pursuits, I pretend
    even though not what I choose


    Can't fit all that crazy within the lines
    Might have to color outside the lines
    Loss of self knowledge
    Loss of self worth
    Not to levee the
    bridge towards perdition
    Overlooking the qualities
    from which to stand on
    My foundation should remain firm

    not for better

    a computer to love?
    sex addictions a cage
    style from controversy,as they use to say all the rage
    most don't want to know anymore the character of whats a sage
    time aligns rights like minimum wage
    but thats a thing of the past
    not be an original outcast
    learning things that
    doesn't represent whats past
    not hiding myself
    I see that
    watching a thing, a thing thats past
    whatever weather
    when saying wrong things, I can't help you
    but heres a letter, I don't know
    when trying to measure and gauge but not for better


    Steady progress
    if I don't make
    sudden steps
    age doesn't go backwards
    I can see youth in me
    if I'm willing to
    give a helping hand
    slow down
    because I can't be machoman
    I understand
    a gentleman. Ready, set, go represent
    reflection will
    get in the way of me
    ever seeing myself
    maybe no ones there and
    haunted by
    my steps
    my ambition animosity
    an acquired taste
    don't see the point in
    Have a long way

    what happens

    what happens when I stop
    illusion, strong hold delusions
    no further to embrace
    no one's listening?
    damage done and yet
    still time
    and I don't wait
    Do I have faith?
    I ask "God, my life be in you"
    Chess or Checkers only I lose
    slowly "I believe and respect
    and do what you left written for me."


    the reflection of every person in my own
    the peace of every heart
    a peice
    of my home

    Let it all go and be absorbed
    into the trees
  3. Post #3

    advice on art

    don't lose hope, but of course for
    many of us artistic people losing hope
    is where it starts. don't try to
    sum up your creative input and output
    in a moment, sometimes you will
    have to try to come to something new
    which is good, you can't be a master
    if you never take time to rethink
    your steps.
    Whether your writing a novel, a literature or an album.
    you may not be satisfied by it and feel its
    a failure. but life is
    a work in progress
    difficulties are as common as air


    sunset sunrise
    did I miss
    the breese
    did I miss or wait my turn
    did I get angry
    lost a chance
    for empowered democracy
    a problem, sometimes I've got many
    sometimes none
    silence comes in handy
    its not like I can steal that


    feel bad now
    don't have to feel bad late
    write a lyric
    compensate for the thoughts of an alligator
    servant, servant
    a host and a waiter
    to the flesh and lost
    on my own I never could
    know what I was doing
    pull me out through the ground
    to feel the difference
    theres no room for luxury
    or prestige in lyrics
    confessions, confessions

    Welcome to real life

    welcome to real life
    where only the fool is blind
    easy it once was to know
    when crossing the line
    journeyed far away, far away
    from home
    forgot that I was on a journey
    and forgot that I had a home

    darkness can't hide

    all on the same side
    till the darkness can't hide
    seperate pleasure from business
    as if survival from pride
    let the fools be fools clowning around
    while lengthen reach to higher wits
    of course have decency and discipline
    misinformation torn down bit by bits

    my sons

    remember I felt alive
    and there was plenty
    to save
    I was brave
    without guns
    want this
    and better things for my sons


    its never been something out of sight for them that wouldn't eat them up inside
    if the world around me doesn't allow me to forget lies
    then certainly I would seem pretentious

    people are trying to get me to kill myself by my own accord
    I realize now that people doubting me isn't encouragement
    and by no means is it an attempt to strengthen me

    let others stand in the rot of their own hands as they think they can put someone else as the idol of what they stand
    me I'm trying to change. since when is that anyone's business.
    you'd think even my own cousin would see the good in that.
    burying me in problems I don't have
    lying behind my back
    fire me from a job I don't have
    Not letting me do the good thats in me to do as if its for me to fear what they lack


    this is what the day has brought
    the days that are good I forgot
    what is special about me
    is nothing
    but in life there is something to be remembered
    something to be forgotten
    something to be kept
    something to be discarded

    I'm not waiting for the snare
    if I'm not waiting for people

    god will increase my yield
    and signs and images
    will not replace what is
    always there

    So much can be easily
    without one realising it
    Its best to stay positive
    and to stay positive
    I have to be clean
    and alert

    Rain on my work

    Do my job and others do theirs
    Like the days of old
    calm like a river when it rains on my work
    looking to get by with thoughts
    and rhymes but do they reflect what
    I have learned
    sometimes words, sounds, and lights
    arn't enough
    life needs to happen
    waiting for love or
    or the unloved
    keep my word and my
    silence cus sometimes
    it can get tough
    a breath of fresh air
    can be like a word
    that is fair
    when I have nowhere to stand
    because I've been living
    in nowhere land

    moment to moment

    From moment to moment
    from what is not real I'm not able to
    strength is made from enduring
    and withstanding
    violence is not what
    I speak because peace is lasting
    with time I'll get over this
    like a time when fasting
    wait till a time like pastures
    forget all of those
    getting aggressive passively
    cus all they're trying to do
    is keep me from being happy
    the same goes for me
    for posterity
    once in a while
    keep my mouth shut

    love forever

    Love forever, forever red
    as well as blue
    as well as whatever color
    it should
    make it pink?
    make it green
    never weak

    breathing while eating

    Breathing is not the same
    thing as eating
    so don't get trapped in a prison
    of thinking
    sometimes whats wrong is what
    I'm feeling
    don't focus on others
    cus I've got enough with
    what I'm dealing
    I don't know how to fix my

    tree branches

    branches fall
    on me
    If I would
    I would
    notice the color of the leaves
    gold shiney
    autumn leaves
    turn red and
    fall to the
    ground as
    I fall asleep

    ambishions perish

    I can't feel very good
    the world around me needs me to calm down
    but sometimes I can't reach
    to tell myself how sorry
    I am
    every little bit of pain that I
    uncover, seems to bring trouble
    how I would like to sit
    down somewhere and let
    my ambitions perish
    without someone looking


    same old controversies of
    venomous snake
    thought I could join the league of men who stepped on us to feel strength, the only thing
    same old issue since high school
    people don't change
    forgot what I knew
    they only get worse
    paths are chosen, I still have my stage to make for growth spurts
    people keep cheating
    if thats all they ever did, and still lock up truth?

    my own

    Make moves of my own
    don't have to subscribe to other
    peoples nonsense
    I'm able to breathe
    I'm able to see
    my back and neck is healthy
    I'm able to blink
    I'm able to move my eyes
    where i want to
    making eye contact and
    smiling is not a challenge
    I get to have fun again
    and feel sorry for myself
    reflections and progress actually
    mean something


    Should I follow, no never
    already had, Its bad
    learned I'm not all that
    mad? phad? bad?
    music videos a cliche and I want to represent myself thats why I never stand infront of a camera
    I guess I'm just a little awestruck by all the glamour
    and I don't even bother to get into glamour rock and hairmetal
    I do like ballads and I'm not fooling anyone when meat loaf has more style, I use to be fat.

    Unforseen Solace

    Unforseen solace in the things
    I took time to sit and settle
    and blow away in a
    moments notice

    no foot hold for the wicked

    self esteem
    pick it up
    wash it off
    Have problems?
    nicotine and alcohol
    isn't going to solve them
    what will
    who knows
    what its like to be
    staring at ghost
    skating on hydro ( water sking )
    an eye for confusion
    and bullies
    and effort for them, yeah, never


    I'd sing me a lulluby
    again, the one where
    I'm going to
    live a long time
    and life doesn't matter
    cus I'm happy
    and I can live life
    without caring too much
    for a while
    not me, I'm poor


    I forget the reasons why
    why I do things
    someday everything
    I didn't say
    but saved
    waiting for me to
    locked doors, keys, what once
    seemed like lost islands

    change, the wind is blowing
    change the direction the
    mountains are forming

    no mistress

    there is a heaven
    if there is no mistress or affair
    in marriage
    I wish there was something
    I can say
    that would stir me from
    drunkeness awake
    my heart can't feel
    this way all the time
    drinks lathered with lime
    as though endless bottles of wine

    No friends

    the feeling of
    loneliness that one
    can come to bare
    its suppose to be
    right there
    but no instead
    after having been pushed
    aside from what was my life
    I don't have any friends
    and thats alright, I have christ

    In denial?

    I'd be in denial if I said nothing was wrong
    I got things on me like
    arrogance and hypocracy
    desires lurking under my identity
    theres no easy way
    to carry my weight
    aint no use waking up
    and sleeping late
    watching everything
    on tv and youtube
    isn't ganna change anything, what I know
    if medium is the message
    watching hours and
    not retain a passage
    ambarrassed to ask this
    but what do I do from here
    cuz looking like a fool
    with a mouth of madness is not what I adhere

    for better

    Its better to walk away someday
    somehow someway
    don't know what to say lost for words
    in the shoes
    of supposed never ending dues
    rhymes out of line
    and still less than what should be paid for?

    Girls grow up

    All of my girls grow
    up to get married
    Haven't even
    haven't a chance
    to get miscarried
    excuse me please

    money instead of life

    From darkness into light
    as innocent as we once slept curled and cradled
    to walk and chase each other playing in the sunlight
    pulled from the comfort of family, summer, and home was no word living life
    in the wake of the days when you can remember your first words and knowing what adults were teaching you to write
    the schedules came out of no where and schedules without notice would be handed for the rest of your life.
    for the sake of money.

    love home sick

    I either had strawberries or sunflowers in my eyes
    no room for candy in my life
    thought I'd dine next to an ocean of wine
    the horizon like it wasn't just another line
    train leaving the station soon
    looking where to put luggage
    to ride out of June

    I don't like
    my ketchup with
    too much crazy

    For you
    be the best
    criminal you
    ever knew?
    a secret
    you can
    kiss and
    fall in love with from
    where I blew?

    Entrance to life

    do well and the world around me will change
    some people know this
    others have to find out
    there are those that do it
    and those who don't know
    what its like to get out
    exit fear
    and begin a entrance
    to life
    writing this is no advantage or pride

    all the things I can't do
    living vicariously and sadly
    and temporarily
    I have to be fair
    because I'd like to think I don't care
    or know or understand


    Tell me its worth letting go, transgressions will find
    there place on earth and its caring. Apathy sometimes it seems
    is the answer. Stepping on feelings and humanity like it was scorpions and snakes
    to adulterated passions of disaster. stop at mistakes.
    Don't care enough to fight,
    Care enough to go from darkness to light.
    Don't care enough to join a difference between black and white.
    Care enough to reach for glory of heights.
    Don't care enough to know about the selfishness I hide in my love and my dream about life, as its all been done before and someone wrote it better.
    Cus worth it and we don't, unless its a purpose to be perfect. yeah its a progress. Learning.
    Get what we don't deserve cuz what we do is good enough, till we don't take a toward approach.
    Don't care enough about my enemies to stop the chains of remorse?
    Like hunger pangs, birthing and childhood pains. and cycles like sun and rain.
    Yawn, sleep and wake, love and hate? Not that I have too much of any. But for someone, the only thing to think of. where to start or stop. People don't want to tell me whats of benefit to both of us?
    Liability goes beyond the sight of supposed criminals.
    I can't choose what I want. Pockets full at a casino, destruction, and limitless lust. thats whats avail. Not my list to shoot for a bucket if there was one.
    Early is the day of reckoning, and mourning of a grave.
    and yet still blood there's to taste? with these words, answer
    to the riddles, poison addictions, worldly snakes? Faster and faster is the pace
    yet slower is the way.
    Edgar Allan Poeish in his last days.
    An attempt at humor bleeds right through into fading second phase.
    Casket for the rainbow? as it saddens no one, except those who are amazed.
    Dare be the challenge, of arrogance, humility, naivity, and innocence.


    fear, a belief
    that contrives
    into disillusion and
    disbelief, diregard and disdain
    for that which
    we could not peice
    youth, our innocence
    do we really know what we
    want or running from

    good or bad


    Act but do not fear
    don't give into the
    ignorance of your peers
    blend in but don't pretend
    don't lose your head
    be careful, take care
    win the fight with nonviolence
    they will try to convince
    as others always will
    don't believe the lies

    From Earth

    they may come from hollywood
    but you come from earth
    so valuable the time
    we have
    I hope you can see this
    and view it like birth


    not today
    not tomorrow
    be a good boy
    cuz women want that
    I've already lost the sincerity
    to find a date well at least
    wait to celebrate on your wedding day
    a day long from now
    parents happy

    Simpler times

    calm encompassing
    simpler times
    to think we know so much
    and yet we never try

    No room for abuse

    clear as paper or maybe just paper thin
    I can no longer say words of negativity
    with a smile or a grin
    light shining day
    to keep myself awake
    to be encompassing
    never forget what that is
    take your life into your
    and do with it
    the responsibility
    given to you
    certainly there is no
    room for abuse

    No room for abuse

    clear as paper or maybe just paper thin
    I can no longer say words of negativity
    with a smile or a grin
    light shining day
    to keep myself awake
    to be encompassing
    never forget what that is
    take your life into your
    and do with it
    the responsibility
    given to you
    certainly there is no
    room for abuse

    no wonder

    Self improvement so I can forget who I am

    waiting for the day of excitement, like a dog waiting for its master in the summer heat tied to a leash, plenty of space to run and yet, out of reach

    losing plot, cuz denial seems easier than realizing the meaning of an empty page I'm hiding, tucked away, yeah like it won't see the light of day.
    neglect, anyway.
    trying to convince my sorry self that I don't need help. general human necessity.

    like I'm better than everyone else. Stronger than any loser that ever walked the earth.

    so rude that I don't see what I look like

    when other people look at me.
    too immature, irresponsible, exageratedly outrageous to someday qualify to be one of these.
    and woman can tell that I'm far removed from learning any lesson that rings
    (anything) remotely resembling a wedding bell, its strange that all ,I had to do was not make a big deal
    not being first, not being the best, not being noticed, not being the hero of your heart,
    I expected instant attraction like I was prince casanova superman.
    it turns out I have a undeserved massive romantisiced ego. and I'm a fan
    illusions of granduer is my middle name. my selfesteem is so far away, its unrecognisable. I cover it up, saving place, standing noble
    Listening to the airwaves of what people say
    what works, I throw the procedures away, mediocre, I stay.
    a shining example of incompetence. my only consistancy is half baked and as always running late.
    it sounds sarcastic cuz its not funny how I grab the wrong end
    its no wonder things are just pretend
    I should really consider following directions from
    its no wonder its just pretend
    my luck might change if I don't pay attention
    to what I can win
    be who I am regardless, unbiased, subtle, benign, harmless
    hardly defined by reward. content. priorities on my list are things I can barely afford.
    be nice to myself like I had a friend
    its no wonder its just pretend
    my luck might change maybe when the flowers grow cuz I take care of them.
    Its no wonder its just pretend
    waiting for wings like I deserve them
    Its no wonder its just pretend
    longing for what I can't see the value in
    its no wonder its just pretend
    more focused on what happens if.
    and if it comes at all, what then.
    the moment I've been waiting for
    dare I ask, will I cherish it.
    my luck might change if I'm just a little greatful
    to be learning lessons
    brushing past folks who are happy to give them. unknowingly
    maybe my luck might change if I'm greatful to muster
    a little humility, a sign of faith, around others who are also trying to find the way.

    I'm not the big role in my little world anymore.
    a fish too big for its small bowl.
    maybe I can be a
    traveler in a story where I'm comfortable
    being one of many.

    easy smile, occasional grin
    make a simple plan to determine my ends.
    expectancy, get out of my head
    no wonder its just pretend

    chasing moments in the wind

    hoping to experience

    to forget the one I'm in.

    no wonder its no longer pretend

    no luck without within

    Self Evident

    red is where I live and where i sleep
    all I have in my head. close my eyes thats all I see
    in the light of day.

    blue. sadness endless memories of days of one mistake
    and what came before seems frozen in the ice worthless
    of any meaning for my eyes to pursue.

    doctor. who knew. more than any patience, the knowledge of
    unforseen solace of what it took to forge instruction for a life
    that would yield something new.

    Self evident

    red is where I live and where i sleep
    all I have in my head. close my eyes thats all I see
    in the light of day.

    blue. sadness endless memories of days of one mistake
    and what came before seems frozen in the ice worthless
    of any meaning for my eyes to pursue.

    doctor. who knew. more than any patience, the knowledge of
    unforseen solace of what it took to forge instruction for a life
    that would yield something new.



    getting away from my problems
    Im barking up the wrong tree

    if silence is golden then whats
    it worth working silently

    think money can buy me a new life
    well, its not that easy unfortunately

    lost in a tide of the rythm of an ocean of animosity
    won't calm down till it reaches calm loving hands on the other side of the sea

    what if what I wanted, is too late, and came up without

    My heart aching and starving to find I just want to empty
    desire for romance,
    a smile to those who wear it with style

    Water under the bridge

    as I wonder I can see that there is still a chance to be there
    I can try
    me I don't have the same life to go back to,
    some look to the moon as if were alive

    Like an eagle protecting her young
    she's going to grow up and fly straight,
    even though my flaws and mistakes, she's leaving
    and I'm rest assured as I see her take off
    progress made failure into something that thrives

    choking on water under the bridge
    maybe theres time for a new song

    Old news

    Even though no one's on my side
    I've got all the energy I need written in black and white
    sweet memories throwing stones at me from a story I can write

    I don't think I'll be making a mess of things
    weight of the scales, remembering

    I want.. doesn't work anymore

    taking off all the fat, cuz lean is where its at

    I don't know what direction my life was ganna take but don't
    want a madder's hat

    so the world's a stage, words people say. Doesn't matter privacy or a public place
    save my tears for lasting grace.

    close my eyes to realize theres debt to pay

    nothing special, nothing new
    the perversion of principle

    was there ever a principle I could

    from the echo of words

    smash my hand against an idol as pretentious as I would
    maybe I'll learn something more than being vain

    something new

    besides pain

    thats old news

    Fear Jesus Christ, who holds the keys to death

    When jesus was alive he did and made for his good works of peace
    and justice by what is the empathy to the flesh

    He is in the spirit and abides by no mans law and one thing I can say

    is fear Jesus. Forget that guy, He's the one who holds a sword more powerful any thing

    you want to anguish or hold your ambitions to. Do not test his sword for he is the man

    who has made for justice among the living and the dead. And surely if you couldn't love him, you will fear Jesus Christ.

    Begotten son, abides by no man. Fear him.

    Love him. and destroy all idols.

    Fear Jesus Christ, who holds the keys to life and death.

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