Unconditional Love

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Do you consider Jesus Christ an extremist?

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  1. Unconditional Love: we use this term so often it loses its meaning. As Christians we often try to use this when ministering to the lost and inviting them to accept to Christ. I think we need to stop using the term “unconditional love”; it simply does not convey the truth of Christ in proper magnitude to the lost and it diminishes the purpose of Christians living in the lost world attempting to be lights to those perishing in darkness.

    So I put forth a new idea (well maybe not new, just not popular in the mainstream); Jesus Christ is an extremist and we are called to follow Him in like manner. Speaking purely for my ‘self’, I am too much of a coward to do this. However, I pray that the Lord make me more like Him.

    Now when we hear ‘extremist’ nowadays it is often thrown onto a religious zealot of some kind: whether it be Islam, Christian, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, etc… Often we even replace “Orthodox” with the term ‘extremist’. In politics, especially now in the United States; anyone who thinks that the US Constitution or individual rights are important is labeled a “Right-wing extremist”. Seldom will you here about “Left-wing extremists” in the news. Needless to say: “extremism” has gotten a bad rap. But this works to our advantage because Christ told us we would be blessed when we are reviled.

    Yes; Jesus Christ is an extremist. He loves us to the extreme in His mercy and grace that only He can do. So I propose we increase our knowledge and wisdom in this thinking and scrap the traditional “unconditional love” for a new term: “Radical Love”. Radical love may be a bit more PC (Politically Correct); but ‘radical’ is simply a synonym for ‘extreme’.

    Now I am not tossing out ‘unconditional love’ completely; but I think we need to add to this phrase because it simply does not give us the true impact of Christ’s love for use. So let me elaborate:

    Unconditional acceptance of a sinner through God’s mercy and grace is a portion of Jesus Christ’s radical love towards His creation.’

    Are we ‘Radical Lovers’ for Christ? Is putting money in the mission’s plate “radical”? What does it mean to be a radical lover? If go by Christ’s example; we would be doing things that seem quite insane to the lost world. And we would be persecuted for them. How about ‘turning the other cheek’? Or ‘sacrificial giving’? What about plain old forgiveness nowadays? How about giving our lives back to Christ-giving them up for another?

    Let’s put this into perspective: in the United States we are currently experiencing an orchestrated influx of illegal immigrants. Our government is welcoming them in with open arms in order to build up a future slave work force willing to work for next to nothing and support the masters that feed them scraps. The agenda of the devil is a long term support issue-Satan is in no rush to be cast into Hell.

    Anyways; how do I handle this situation as a Christian in the United States? My immediate fleshy response is to join up with a militia and protect our borders. Do I believe that is a wrong choice? No I don’t; but is it the ‘radical love’ choice in following Christ? So I am torn. As a Christian-do I accept the coming torrent as God’s judgment on the US? Or do I see this as an opportunity to win lost souls to Christ? ‘The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few…’

    I think the real dilemma in our ‘radical love’ is our ‘measure of faith’. Do we REALLY believe what the Bible says? Because if we did; we would have no fear of being ‘Radical Lovers’. If we truly believed we are working for the coming reward on the resurrected Earth; we would do more for Christ. And if we REALLY took what the Bible says for truth-we wouldn’t be so consumed with working out our own salvation by side stepping scripture to appease our sins. We would be following Christ’s commandment to ‘love one another’ instead of our old nasty selves.

    God forgive me for being such a coward; help me be emboldened by your Word to love to the extreme: to be a radical lover of others and not my self.

    CAVEAT: I am not saying all ‘right-wingers’ are Christians nor are all Christians ‘right-wingers’ this is not meant to turn into a left–right paradigm political discussion…
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