Two weird incidents

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  1. I know this is a forum, not a personal diary but I witnessed two weird incidents that I'd like to share with you.

    The first one was a pop-up ad of a dating website that showed up on my computer screen while I was downloading some cooking books.

    The ad showed a naked woman and said something like 'Life is too short, have an affair'. This may seem harmless to most but to me, it was the most deceptive (i.e. satanic) thing ever. I have a sense of humor but adultery is no joke.

    The second incident was much weirder. I can't even describe what it was: maybe a dream, a vision or hallucination but it was incredibly vivid and intense. Six entities (demons?) were standing at the end of my bed and staring at me. Don't ask me why but I just knew they were evil and I rebuked them in the name of Jesus Christ. As soon as I said the name 'yeshua hamashia' they quickly disappeared, like they were being sucked away by some unseen force.
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  2. It really seems the media is pushing adultery these days. What better way to destroy the building blocks of society than to attack the one holy relationship ordained by God? Marriage.
    Sometimes when I take naps on the couch during the day, I will sleep with my eyes slightly open. On one such occasion, I slept facing the back of the couch. As I was asleep I saw a very angry and threatening face staring at me with an extreme grimace and hatred in his eyes. It troubled me so much that I started to wake up. As I awoke, my eyes started to focus and the hateful, glaring face was actually the wrinkles in the upholstry on the back of the couch. The face that was in my face was just a bunch of wrinkled fabric. The first words out of my mouth was "oh, it's just you" and my immediate thoughts were "it's just the Fake. The Liar"
    Thats really all Satan is. Even when he attacks us in our face when he thins we're most vulnerable. He is nothing but a fake and a liar.
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  3. First I use Chrome with Ad blocker and OpenDNS to further block what the ads may miss.

    The second thing you experienced is normal for those following Christ. It's very sad that so many "churches" don't prepare you for stuff like this. You did exactly what you're supposed to do. Keep your spiritual eyes open. Well done. BTW the events are related.
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  4. This reminds me of another disturbing quote that so many young kids find appealing: 'Live fast, die young'.

    Another deception from the enemy. Live fast means do drugs and all kinds of sin and then die young so that the enemy can get his hands on you.

    I prefer to say 'live long and use every minute to praise Jesus' :) :) :) :)
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  5. Or as our friend Mr Spock would say:
    "Live long and prosper".
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  6. An evangelist I knew said he had a dream where he was in a large auditorium with a stage and podium. The audience was made up of women and the speaker was the Devil in all his stereotypical skinned/horns....the whole show. The speaker was telling the women complete lies and falsehoods. Joe (the evangelist) got up to leave out of disgust. The speaker noticed Joe getting up to leave and stepped out from behind the podium and said "Where you going Joe? You don't like what I have to say?" Joe turned to respond and when he did, he noticed the speaker was nude from the waist down.
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  7. He must have had too many chili peppers the night before!
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  8. There is a show called "Being Mary Jane" that is centered around fornication. That show makes me burn with anger. I don't watch it rte TV but I see the commercials when my mom watches TV and I might sometimes watch with her. I don't think she watches the show too often.
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  9. Hmm... Hasn't really happened to me yet.
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  10. Interesting.

    One thing is for sure: Lust is the enemy's most effective deception. Most people today see promiscuity, adultery and fornication as normal but it really isn't. Our bodies are a gift from God, we have to preserve them and honor them.
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