Twins ---- one black - one white

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  1. Possibly.... although the article above doesn't indicate that this may be the case. Only the mother of the babies really knows. ;)

    There have been other instances of twins born of two different races.

    One possibility, is what the article indicates, and that is that there is one mother and one father but it is how the genes are distributed into the children that makes one look more white and the other look more black. Siblings share approximately 50% of their DNA, so it is entirely possible for them to look very different, especially when the parents are of two different races.

    The second possibility is as Boanerges stated: two fathers. It is called Superfecundation. It is not as rare as people often think. It occurs when a mother has sex with two men within a relatively short period of time, and the sperm from both the men fertilize an egg.
  2. It also could be a rare genetic disorder wherein the pigmentation of the split fetuses are different. That is going to be one hard-to-write Punnet Square! :D
  3. I heard of that happening with two men and one woman. As soon as one man finished, another took over; both got her pregnant. Apparently, it can happen. Of course, it's also possible that one took after the mother and one after the father.
  4. It's dark in the womb. It's hard to see who is what color. Brings a smile to my face knowing that two people of different colors can get along harmoniously in the womb. Precious little babies.:)
  5. Fortunately, we're not born with prejudices. Unfortunately, they're taught to us shortly after birth.
  6. And this is exactly what happened. There doesn't sem to be any shame on the mother's part as she told all.

  7. Read it again

    I believe the situation is solved on the "father" issue. Please read the quote from the article
    Mama is black from Africa. Papa is white from Germany. I assume they are fraternal twins and that one favors mama and one favors papa.
  8. I recently saw a photo of the babies, and it's apparent that they are BOTH black. One is just a lot lighter than the other, but the features are there. It's similar to the young lady I used to know who was a mixture, but she was light-skinned. In this case, one took after the father more, and the other took after the mother more. However, it is NOT a case of one being black, and the other being white. Anyone seeing the photo can see both mother and father in the light-skinned one, although it has too much of a tan to be "white". In fact, that "white" newborn baby's tan is better than mine, and I live in Florida.
  9. Thank you for this post Jon-Marc.

    It's all in the DNA really. Whatever is in your DNA, that's how your going to look, act, etc.


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