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  1. Everything I know I learned from Buffy Summers. ;-)
  2. I got a lot of Great tips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not had issues since. You don't think she is related to Buffy summers? Ah, probably not.
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  3. Haha Michael I'm surprised you know Buffy...color me amused. :)
  4. Demon hunting tips?
  5. Who is buffy summers? Am I getting old or something?:(
  6. No you are fine, Mitspa. It's just a tv show buffy the vampire's been off the air a long time.
    (But continues in comics in case anyone cares)
  7. I didn't know either Mitspa. I had to google it. is buffy summers?

    Looks like some kind of romanian super hero.
  8. I was thinking of a thread on favorite TV shows, I don't really watch tv but I just love "everybody loves Raymond" its like the best show, and a good family type show... they just keep making tv more and more wicked... it kinda hurts my heart to even have it on...
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  9. B
    Bears are not very smart on regular stuff but are very smart at doing bad stuff.:cautious:
  10. I have a Teddy Ruxpin! I got ALOT of wear out of him. His mouth moves still but the movements are jerky...fix my bear somebody? ;)
  11. Um you and where are my best friends
  12. ROFL at how this has become a discussion about tv shows :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  13. I liked it until Steve Carell was in it.. Got boring once he left.. My all time favorite!
  14. Yea only die-hards stuck with it after that. Michael was the best but I love Dwight, Jim and Pam too ;)
  15. They were all good along with Michael Scott.. If you remember their best, it was always with Michael :)
  16. I just popped some popcorn, hooked my computer up to my big screen and got comfortable. This is getting intense! I'll let you all know who wins the Oscar at its conclusion! :p Here's to hitting the refresh button all day for some good, old fashion entertainment (y).
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  17. I loved that show until one episode. Do you remember the one where Steve Carrell dressed up like Jesus and basically mocked him? It's been years, but I remember it made me uncomfortable, and I stopped watching the show. It's too bad because I loved that show. Did that bother anyone else?
  18. My favorite parts of the whole series (with Michael) was his interactions with Toby. Makes me laugh every time. My favorite scene is when Toby goes to sit down with Michael for lunch and Michael pushes Toby's tray on the floor. Absolutely kills me every time!
  19. o_O
  20. Michael had a special thing with everyone.. Toby, Meredith, Ryan, Oscar, Stanley.. These other characters do not have much impact without Michael :)
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