Truth vs Wrong Beliefs

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    People seem to play this off on God. Blame Him or say it's His will for He allowed it and so forth.

    Truth is God put this authority in the believers hands and man simply ignores truth and lives a No Fault Religion.

    "What ever happens is not my fault"

    We need to start living with the authority that has already been given unto His People.

    So next time you want to question God about things like this.....ask your self what have I done.
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  2. You make an excellent point.
    These questions are always asked about God; man is not perfect and we must accept some of the blame.
  3. Amen!!! Great quote!
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  4. I dont think God should receive any of the blame. Things that happen in this world are not his fault. For the dominion and authority of this earth has been given to men, and even though we are not physically perfect...we can strive to attain a perfect heart. It's possible, because we have the same spirit Jesus had. Plus God called king David a man after His own heart, which meant his heart was perfect before Him.

    Just my thoughts and 2 cents.
    God bless
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