Tribute to my grandfather..

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  1. Tribute to my grandfather..

    Like a comet on its yearly orbit
    Memories of a dear one pays us a visit.
    A star that has returned to the sky,
    An inspiration to you and I.
    A dear person in my life so far,
    Your imprint will always stay in my heart.
    Regardless of the years
    We have to spend apart,
    Those we love don't go away;
    They walk with us each and everyday.
    Unseen,unheard,but always near.
    Still loved,still missed,still very dear.
    Years of mourning and grief,
    Did not lessen hurts nor bring relief.
    But I am thankful that our lives have crossed.
    And I live,knowing that I'm luckier than most,
    To be able to put a face to my guardian angel..


    Even though you're no longer here,
    I imagine you to be.
    Even though you're safe up there,
    Away where I cannot see...
    Every now and then I stop to think of you,
    And how your grace and kindness showed
    When there are bad times to go through
    I may be sad,I may cry.
    But I will go on living like I should.
    Thank you for giving me a new lease of life
    Memories would be here always.
    Though months,years and countless tears,
    I have understood.
    My life goes on,but remember this:
    I do not miss you any less,
    For don't you know it's true,
    That God takes only the best...


    Memory wanders as shadows fall
    Back to the days of happiness,
    Days beyond recall.
    A vision comes before me;
    So calm,so dear,so sweet,
    Of his lips now silent,and
    Whose lids are closed in deep sleep.
    So many gifts God has granted me:
    The wind,the rain,the sun.
    So many days with beauty,
    So much joy with everyone.
    So many kinds of pleasure,
    So many people to treasure.
    But sadly,just one you.
    I think of you;your ways,
    Ever so often.
    I feel your presence,
    But for the love that you have given to me,
    I know I need not tear..


    NB; It's been some three years since his passing,but I still feel the loss )):
  2. Beautiful sister! It is a great sadness to part and at the same time a comfort and joy to know we will be reunited for our loved ones are not lost but safe in the arms of Christ.:)
  3. Ahh..that's what worries me,he's not saved.. )= I'm not sure if he ever heard the gospel,but he wasn't a christian when he died.I highly doubt he said the Sinner's prayer..:(
  4. In cases like that we simply have to trust God for them. Who knows but that God reached his heart at his last breath- I have seen it happen before.
  5. my fellow brother in Christ gave me hebrews 11:1 :D

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