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  1. Hi I have been looking to try and make a little extra money and have been trying to come up with a way to do this while doing something I like to do.
    I love to travel but one if my favorite parts is planning the trip, I live every part of that from the making reservations to the deciding which ride to ride first. I can make a trip itinerary as detailed or as undetailed as person may like from just the hotel and necessary travel arrangements to a daily breakdown of what to do to when and each day. I know some people hate the planning and want to just show up with everything done for them. That's where I come in just tell me your destination and the dates of travel and a budget to stay in and I will take care of the rest.

    I would like to do tours where I actually take a group or family or just meet them at their destination where I would handle all the planning and reservations and any problems that arose on the trip I would be there to take care of and resolve as quickly as possible.

    So if I could be of any help in assisting in any trip planning please let me know.
  2. You sound just like me. I love planning and traveling, especially cruises.

    Do you have a website? It's a good way of marketing yourself. is free and easy to create.
  3. No thank you for that tip! I love cruises I am going in may my favorite to plan is disney world
  4. Help! I need to plan my trip with the kids this summer! First chicago for 3 nights then I have to go to MI for 1.5 weeks--- I need flights, hotel, and possibly a rental car. Are vacation packages a good way to go?

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