Top 10 Questions About Sharing Your Faith

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  1. Top 10 Questions About Sharing Your Faith

    Top 10 Questions About Sharing Your Faith

    Find out what these specific groups and cults believe and compare those beliefs to the Biblical view. Includes what they believe about sin, the trinity, and Jesus Christ. We've even included hints on how to approach them about Christianity and lists of recommended reading that will help you understand how to better reach out to them.

    1. How do I reach the typical American for Christ?
    2. How do I reach those who want to argue?
    3. How do I reach atheists, agnostics, or evolutionists for Christ?
    4. How do I reach Mormons for Christ?
    5. How do I reach Jehovah Witnesses for Christ?
    6. How do I reach new agers for Christ?
    7. How do I reach Muslims for Christ?
    8. How do I reach witches for Christ?
    9. How do I reach Satanists for Christ?
    10. What are some common misconceptions when it comes to the Gospel?

    Dare 2 Share Ministries
  2. Thanks, Jeff!!! :)
  3. The site is gone!:mad:
  4. Oh My ..... I was looking forward to reading these articles. As they say in french.... c'est domage.:(:(:(:(
  5. will that site be online again?
    Or can we read those answers elsewhere?

  6. You could get some of those articles from here:
    They've redesigned and changed their site a bit, so the previous links must have changed.
  7. I saw the founder of Dare2Share on TV a week or so ago - and as a former youth pastor who used some of their material, I was taken aback. He and another youth pastor (of a mega-style church) were advocating using the new video game Halo 3 as a witnessing tool to attract the youth to the church.
  8. I don't see a problem if it brings them in to where they can be exposed to the gospel.
  9. At what point does the justification "to where they can be exposed to the gospel" not be proper?

    Where in Scripture do we find any of the Apostles or Christ using gimmicks to attract people to the Gospel?

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