Too bad to be a Christian

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  1. Too bad to be a Christian

    I was once a God fearing saved girl brought up in a Christian home with strong morals and opinions on things, now I have gradually become the person I never wanted to be, never thought I ever could become. I am everything I once hated and looked down upon. And I don't think I deserve to be forgiven for some of the things I have done. I want the relationship I once had with Christ back, but I'm too ashamed to let Him see me. Please can you help me? At least let me know I'm not the only one.
  2. Hello,
    I read this and it broke my heart. Ohh if you only knew how much HE loves you! I know that right now it is hard to see that because you are feeling shame and guilt, but I promise that all of us have done some pretty bad things in life. You know, a sin is a sin to GOD, so even if it feels like the biggest one you ould commit to you, it is as bad as any other sin(except blasphemy against the spirit of GOD).
    The best time in the world for you to call out to the LORD is now, when you need HIM. He wants you to need HIM, talk to HIM and tell HIM all the things that are upon yoiur heart, let HIM know what is hinderinh you from oming to HIM.
    If you need to talk we are here, I pray for you that God moves in yur life and heart friend.
    blessing to you!
  3. No one is ever too 'bad' to be a Christian.

    God acknowledges the heart (the soul, mind, etc.) and judges from there. We can see only the flesh (actions, body, etc.).

  4. Please understand that God knows the end to the beginning: Meaning there is nothing that you have done or could do to surprise our Father. He will accept you just the way you are - as a sinner -

    Jesus said their is much joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents..

    Luke 15:7 I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.

    It sounds that you have walked down a rocky road, not really loosing your faith along the way, but rather just living in the flesh and fulfilling it's desires. This could be sex, drugs, occult etc. Just know that our Father will always accept you back into His arms.

    Read Luke 15:11 - Luke 15:32 It's about the prodigal son who decided to leave his father and go out partying and spending all of his father's inheritance. Soon after he looses it all, all the money, the girls, his friends and ends up nearly eating the pods he is feeding to the swine (pigs) but he said in his heart. My father has more then enough food etc. So he decided that he would return home.. But would his father accept him? He was worried about this because he blew everything his father had given him. But listen to the end. The father receives him and provides the very best for him once he returns home because he was lost but is now saved..

    How joyful it will be in Heaven once you come to the Throne of Grace and repent of your sins and get your heart right back with God..

    God Bless you
  5. I was once you. I grew up a God fearing, saved girl, brought up in a Christian home with strong morals. I also became someone that was the total opposite of that.

    There is nothing that you could have done that He will not forgive you for. As New2Christ said, the only unforgivable sin is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. For some reason I don't feel like this is the sin/s you are speaking of.

    You say you are too ashamed to let Him see you. Hun, he's already sees you and guess what, he still loves you more than you could ever imagine.

    All you have to do is talk to Him just like you're talking to us. Repent your sins and ask Him to come into your heart. He's waiting for you to do this. He wants You back.

    One of the things that I am so thankful for, is after all my rebellious years, after all the things I did that went against everything I was taught was good and moral... once I repented my sins and asked him to live in my heart once again, He took me back into His fold like I had never left.

    He will do this for you too. Just ask Him and then keep coming back here so that we can support and help you. It's what we're here for.

    I hope you will follow your heart. It's telling you what you really need to be happy and that would be your creator, your Father, the one that loves you with the ultimate love.

    God Bless you, Cheri
  6. Truth is, you can't have the relationship you once had with God. You're not the same person you were then. In light of the fact that you fell into sin in ways you never imagined you would, that's a good thing. What I mean is this: you once had a relationship with God which had, apparently, not been tested. When it was tested, whether through hardship or temptation or whatever, it was insufficient to keep you from wandering far away from Him. Now, you have learned some things about yourself and about the world which are pretty unpleasant. You desire to have that closeness with God and feel His approval again. But you realize that you are weak and easily lead astray (as are we all). Hrt4Christ mentioned the prodigal son in his post above. You have come to a similar place, having "come to your senses", as Jesus put it. The prodigal son must have said to himself, "What am I doing here? I came from a nice Jewish home and find myself in the midst of swine, and they're eating better than I!"

    Good news! You have come to the point of awakening. Jesus told the story of the prodigal son to tell us something about the Kingdom of God. The father in the story illustrates for us how God eagerly awaits our return to Him and rejoices when we come back home. Now you understand in a very real way how our righteousness comes from God and how much we depend on Him moment by moment to lead Godly lives. When Adam and Eve sinned, they felt exposed and ashamed. They tried to cover themselves with fig leaves, but it wasn't enough; they hid from God's presence. He Himself made them coverings of animal skins which forshadowed the covering of Christ's blood which washes away our sins before God. What they could not do with fig leaves and by hiding, God did by sending Jesus to die on the cross and rise from the grave. That is, Jesus satisfied the demands of justice and righteousness and holiness by paying the penalty for all mankind's sin on the cross, destroying the power of sin and death over those who call upon His Name.

    Daughter, it is time for you to get away from the pigs and come home to God. Let the blood of Jesus wash away your sin and shame. Let the Father clothe you with the robes of His righteousness and let the celebration begin.

    He loves you.
  7. The fact that you recognize that you are lost is a good thing cause the Holy Spirit is convicting you of your sin and Jesus said to cast all your sin away and come unto Him .

    Satan is the lier in your life who is telling you, you are ashamed and that your sin is too great to be forgiven and you need to tell him , enough of satan's lies. Satan wants you to believe the lies because he knows that Jesus is standing on the threshold with open arms waiting for you to ask . Ask and it shall be given . Jesus is there with open arms ready for you to say ... " Forgive me , I am a sinner"

    It's as simple as that . He will wipe your slate clean , never to be remembered again . You can start over again . All have sinned and come short of the glory of God . I have sinned ... I have drifted away , but the grace of God and His love for us is enough to want to come back . You will never be sorry you came back to Him .Embrace Jesus today . He is waiting for you .
  8. Today, before I read any replies, I made a decision and took a step towards putting something that's wrong in my life back right again. Once I took that step, I regretted it because I know I don't have the strength to do something that hard alone and stick to it. I have tried before, but always failed.

    But then just now I came here and read the replies, tears streamed down my face literally, and I FINALLY told God: God I did these horrible things!!! I am a horrible person!! But I give it ALL to You, please forgive me and come back into my life..........
    .. He forgave me!!!!!!!!!!! He really did!!!! And for the first time in about a year I have just prayed thanks to Him, and NOT felt like I don't deserve to do this, like I should just stop praying because I'm not worth it. My heart feels clean and I have no shame about my past because HE just made my scarlet sins white as snow!!! Thank You Jesus!!!!

    I can't thank you all enough for your words, you don't know how much they've helped me, and I thank you for your prayers that I believe led me to take a step forward today before I even knew what great thing I was getting myself into:) God bless you all.:) This is a whole new leaf I have turned over, I will live for GOD not for me and I will trust in Him for the strength I need to change my ways. :) I have never felt like this before!!!!!!!
  9. 25 studio

    Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a complete and continual rejection and rebellious unbelief in the Spirit's Testimony of Who Jesus Christ IS. Blasphemy against the Son, who IS GOD is also against God, God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; One God. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father. Now, one who rejects the Testimony of the Holy Spirit
    1)Does not believe Jesus is I AM {ALMIGHTY GOD in the Flesh}

    2)Is not being convicted by the Holy Spirit

    The Spirit shall convince and convict of sin, a reprobate mind has a seared conscience where there is no godly sorrow produced for such sin.

    When they heard this, they quieted down and glorified God, saying, "Well then, God has granted to the Gentiles also the repentance that leads to life." Acts 11:18

    May God shower His healing love and salve all over your wounds and bind up you broken-heart and fill you with all peace and joy in believing and may the Love and Peace of Christ dwell richly and warmly with your spirit.

    "Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? 25 Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!" Romans 7:24-25 a

    Now the tax collectors and “sinners” were all gathering around to hear him. 2But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

    Luke 15

    3Then Jesus told them this parable: 4“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

    May God bless you and pick up your heart
  10. If there is the one thing that i remember its this:

    "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven"

    That makes all the difference you need to know. Christ died for our sins and its thats the "only" reason we are assured eternal life after death. But there is one thing that you must do and that is, confess with your mouth that, Jesus is your personal Saviour and thank him that he died for you.

    Jesus is Lord..


    Hope that helped..


  11. Amen

  12. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I am soooooooooo happy and thankful! Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!! You hold on and keep HIM close friend, I am sooooooo happy for you, we are here anytime you need a friend to talk to, and we are soooo happy:):):)!
  13. Your sin has no effect on your status other than making you eligle for salvation. and its a short waiting list. When the time is right, and you'll know it if you take the effort to find God again. The biggest sins are pride; wanting to fit in, impress others, seem in control, and even looking good in front of the members at your local church. If thats the case, I'll tell you riht now, your relationship with God is between him and you, as soon as you bring some other mere human into the equation, you'll start straying. were born a sinner and always will be, but a friend of the world is an enemy of God. So dont worry about looking like a christian, worry about truly being one.
  14. OP, I just read through all this and I was about ready to join in with the encouragement and then see that you already repented!!! PRAISE GOD!!!
    I am proud of you as your brother in Christ, and I am very happy to hear that you came back to Him. That is awesome, that is a testimony. I pray that He will nurture you and help you grow, that He will guide you into growing roots (by reading His word, praying, fellowship with other believers) and make you into a tree that wont be swayed much by the storms of life.
  15. Well, grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, keep reading His Word, earnestly desire to grow and to cleanse yourslef from all defilement of flesh and spirit, submitting to God and depending upon His Spirit and His Word that works in you who believe. Press in closer to a relationship with Christ, you have the Holy Spirit to guide youa nd to teach you and to illuminate His Word, keep yourself unspotted from the world and prayer at all times without ceasing, pray and take captive every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, pray to God, confess your sins and your weakness to Him, and He will make you strong and He will have all the Glory in doing it, this is His Will for you, even your sanctification. Also remember our works have no place in the Justifying scales of Christ's obedience and sufferings. Come close to God and He will come close to You, He is there for those who seek Him, whom He made Himself known to, He is jealous for the spirit that is in you, do you not know that you are a temple of God? The High and Lofty One that dwells in the hights also dwells with them that are of a lowly and contrite heart, to revive them. Blessed are the poor in spirit, God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud. What have we but what we've received? remember that, let it humble you as you remember what Christ has done for you by lovingly carring your sins to the cross where He suffered and died for you, making peace from God to you, from top down as the Temple Veil was Torn as Jesus' Flesh was Torn as He was nailed to that Cross and Crucified. God loves you as a dear Child and wants you to come close to Him and curl up on His Lap, He is Father and also Daddy to His children, stay near to Him and you will be walking close with Him, stray away and you can expect to fall into temptation, into sin, and far away from fellowship, you will have wounded both Him and yourself, but He knows, loves, care and longs for you to be restored to right fellowship-He knows your sin before you've confessed it, He already suffered for it, don't try to cover yourself as Adam did in the garden, but go to God with it, and He will cast it in the deep sea of the Redeemer's blood. Know that we can do nothing apart from Him, we cannot hope to mortify a single sin within us, Worship Him in Spirit, etc,,,but BY His Spirit, and soon you'll discover you are a soldier in a battle, when you are at ease, take heed, if you think you stand you may fall, a weak believer on his knees shakes hell, a care-free stroller is in the cross-hairs. God knows how to rescue the godly from temptation...pray then in this way; for Youir Father knows what you need before you ask Him...lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one...for Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory and the Honor forever, amen. His Kingdom, not satan's. He alone has the Power. His will be the glory, so make sure He is given that, acknowledge your weakness and openly decalre it and He will be glorified and the Power of Christ will rest upon you, don't take it for yourself, as He will share His glory with no man and His praise He will not give to another; we were created to worship Him and ransomed not with perishable silver or gold but with prescious blood. Combine spiritual thoughts with words, the flesh profits nothing so it is unprofitable to set your mind thereon, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, there is a war and an inner battle. Discern between what is good and what is evil, take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Pray for wisdom, God grasciously gives it in abundance to His Children who ask. We do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit helps us; invite Him into every detail of your life. Pray for a Spirit of supplication and grace, pray for the Holy Spirit and great Intercessor to bring people to mind that need to be clothed in prayer, also, prayer changes us, anything that is contrary to what God wants for us in our life, if there is any doubt, we must bring it before the Throne of Grace where we will receive help in time of need. We have a Throne of Grace-run there often. We have holiness to partake of, grace to be made doers of His Will, and to receive so much from so great a loving, merciful, all wise, infinitely Holy Majestic King and God. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you and make His Face to Shine upon you. Walk by the Spirit, we face tests- see with the eyes on Jesus and mindful of the Spiritual War, pray to God that you see the war. Eyes of flesh see the apple, eyes of faith detect the poison in the apple, so that by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the flesh and do not eat that apple. May God bless you and keep your eyes wholly on Christ, He will take you all the way home. When doubts come and you have a long dark night, don't go back to a covenant of works nor make an idol out of your good deeds or obedience, no, bring all that to the cross, where the blood of Jesus was poured out for the forgiveness of your sins, say 'all my righteousness is but filthy rags,' only by the blood of Christ will you overcome, who overcomes but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? Don't make an idol out of your works, sacrafice that one, too. God is also a jealous God, He has no rivals and must have first place, let Him lead. If God is your co-pilot, you're in the wrong seat. I am so happy to see that you are where you are, in the Good Hands of a Loving Father who does not see you as you were before you came to Christ, that is in your filthy rags, but you have taken them off and been cleansed , you arw now clothed in the Royal Robes of the Righteousness of Christ the Victorius King who took the sting out of death and said 'If anyone serves Me He must follow Me and where I Am, there shall he be also,' praise the Lord, He is returning for His Bride the Church, He wants Her unspotted from the world, because He is coming to get Her and bring He with Him, everyone whom the Lamb bought will be with Him, guarenteed by His Blood-PAID IN FULL. He is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother. He is The Wartime General you must follow- He knows the mine-field. He is the Great Physician and healer of your wounds, He is the Comforter who listens with compassion as you cry out to Him. He pleads for you, fights for you, and goes before you to battle, put on the Lord Jesus Christ and be strong in His Grace and go in His Peace and in the Might of His Spirit, girded in His Armour, take on the Breastplte of Righteousness imputed of Christ, the Shield of Faith which extuinges the flaming arrors of the evil one, and the Helmet of Salvation-remember Whose child you are when the Tempter slithers and Prowls and says 'If thou be the Son of God,' watch out o believer, put on the Armour, Get out that Sword and cut him off 'I am His, bought with a price, by the blood of the Lamb, what have I but what i recieved, where then is boasting, it is excluded, by what kind of law, of works? No, but by a law of faith, for we maintain that a man is justified by Faith apart from the deeds of the law, it is God who justifies the ungodly, who died for me when i was a sinner, an enemy of God, now having been justified by His Blood i shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him, now may the Lord rebuke the evil one, and i am glad that though the devil sinned once and was shown no mercy but a stay of execution in the lake of fire already prepared for him, that God would have mercy on me! a vile sinner, ransomed from the pit, freed from the chains of sin and the dominion of darkness, taken right out from under the evil one, i was a smoldering log snatched from the fire! O Rejoice! The devil will be in hell because he sinned, and will have many more liad to his eternal tormentous charge, but i , a vile repeat offender was shown mercy and Jesus Christ in my soul welling up like a sping within me by HIS GRACE, AMEN HALLELUJA, thanbk You Jesus and You Alone, please bend down and feed me and give me some of Your Spiritual Manna, Jesus Christ Himself the Bread of Life whose Words feed me, thank You Lord, amen.

    God bless beloved in Christ

    God is so good! And you've done great! You've entered in through the doorway of the Kingdom of God, and if you continue on - to ultimately live with the Lord for ALL eternity. (That's a WOW!!) But you just gone through the door, that's all. Please don't misunderstand - that step you've taken is marvellous, wonderful, fantastic!!

    What it's done is open the way for you to move further into the Kingdom - moving forward - and NOW it's time for you to begin this. You need to now learn about actually living the Christian life - so that you may GROW! Don't be one of the majority of Christians who stay as babies and never progress past that. God wants you to grow and grow so that one day you will reach MATURITY in Christ, i.e., a fully grown-up, adult Christian lady. Oh wow, I just got a 'picture' of that. My heart warmed inside about you - and still is. That's most unusual for me in such a situaton. Maybe you're one of God's 'special' ones!! Man, that would be awesome!!

    Here you have the opportunity to learn and grow. It's all here for you. "Lord, I pray for my sister that You give her the vision of who You want her to be - and that she will set herself to GO AFTER IT, no holding back, no messing around as many do. Please keep Your mighty hand on this wonderful new life - I'm looking forward to meeting her as she joins us here in CFS. Thankyou so much for what You've done!!"

    Much love, sister!

    - BM

  17. we are all sinners on here,the diffrence is we want help from Christ.he forgives sins and gives us a strong spirit to overcome.never think your unworthy,that is a tool by satan to stop people from being saved.
  18. My dear Sister in Christ.

    The wonderful thing about redemption is that there is forgiveness. no matter what we have done or how far we have drifted from God. Go to your Heavenly Father and talk to Him about it. He already knows it all but He wants you to come to Him. Confess your sin to Him repent ( turn from ) what you've been doing and the choices you've made. Ask for His forgiveness and cleansing. Be encouraged ! "The blood of Jesus Christ God's Son cleanses us from ALL sin. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness."

    Calvary covers it all

    love in Christ,
    Pastor Glenn
  19. :dance::dance::dance:​

    What a beautiful way to start my day, reading this!!! I am so proud of you my Sister in Christ!!!

    Please consider joining our forum, we'd love to have you, and you and I can grow in the Lord together. In fact, there are so many here that are just like us, learning and growing in the Lord and this is such a great place to do that. Such loving and caring Christians.

    Now that you've repented and accepted Jesus into your heart as your Christ and Savior, start reading your Bible...just a little every day (if you don't have one, let me know and I'll make sure you get one). Proverbs is a great book to start with. Then talk to Jesus, just like you talked to us and you are going to watch incredible things happen in your life!

    You made the biggest decision of your life and you will never regret that... of this I'm sure.

    God bless you and anytime satan lies to you (and he will, ask me how I know), you rebuke him in the name of Jesus. satan cannot stand to hear that precious name and he'll have to go. Keep doing this until he gets the message.

    I am lifting you up in prayer my Sister. May your strength in the Lord continue to grow every minute of every day. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

    Blessings, Cheri
  20. How wonderful that this has happened to you! I agree with others, we would love to have you join us here. God bless you!

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