To all my American bros n sis'

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  1. I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to the rest of the world be thankful in all you do and receive from the Lord Jesus
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  2. To you too :)
  3. Thank you Chili. I'm sorry I'm late, but Happy Thanksgiving to you too (whether you're celebrating it or not) and everyone here in the forums.
  4. I received your Facebook message. I am horrible at responding via texts and Facebook messages.

    But....I read it and and thank you!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
  5. We had Elk tenderloin instead of turkey. O man !!!
  6. I've said this before but. For this year's phrasing..

    Personally, I dislike a number of American things that seem to have made their way to the UK. These include McDonaldism and CocaColaism. I also feel that that the trick or treat that I'm uncomfortable with is also American...

    I've never got that while we lap all these others up we don't seem to take to Thanksgiving.

    Or maybe some of us do in a different way? I'm not sure I've thought this way before but how close is it to say our harvest festivals where one might sing "we plough the fields and scatter"?
  7. Halloween comes from the Druids, good old UK... not America. Unlike pizza isn't Italian and french fries aren't French - they're American. We're just great marketers :(

  8. Just thought that you might like to see the info in the link below.... ;)
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  9. Sure I do like the idea of this one. I've just not been aware it's bee as swiftly taken to as some other things.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
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