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  1. Should we tithe 10% of our income, or was that more of an Old Testament thing?
  2. it was the Law of Moses .. we are under the Law of Christ now, and a law unto ourselves .. this means we follow our hearts to what is right .. yet I believe that is a good amount .. as ALL comes from God, and if you cannot give a tenth back, that does not say much about your gratitude or compassion ..

    this is where I add the Law of Christ ..
    if you belong to a church, the money goes to keep God's house open for your edification and often to charitable needs .. I like to get involved more personally .. what we have can be shared in many ways .. the thing tithing is suppose to do, is improve our hearts by charity .. and as John said, if you do not love your neighbor, then you cannot love God .. God set it up as He served us .. now we are to serve others ..

    so I say, do what your heart tells you ..
    what I have noticed, is the more compassionate and charitable you are .. the more God then gives you, because you have become a good steward ..
  3. Cool.....Thanks!
  4. We are not under the law, but no law was written in vein. God wanted a full tribe (1/11) in full time ministry to be supported on a regular basis. 10% was deemed fair. Perhaps as 10% from 11 tribes equated to a 110% average. Making all on rather equal footing.

    Consensus = Give regularly! But do not give to a pastor that drives a Porsche when everyone else drives a Toyota. Do not give either when your wife and kids have no food.
  5. I don'tthink thithing is a new testament teaching but giving our all is, we shold give of ourselves and our money but the church we giv our money to should spend it as God would lead them to.
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  6. good connection .. but the ALL is to God .. to neighbor, as we would ourselves ..

    actually, you do see Jesus applying the Covenant of Faith to tithing in the NT ..
    the widow did not tithe 10% .. what she tithed was from what her heart told her to (all to God) .. thus her love and faith was great though her tithe was small (her faith in the fact she trusted God in her well being to give all) .. it's a heart thing now, not a legal thing as ALL under the Covenant of Faith has become a heart thing .. but the Covenant of Faith says through love of others, we show our love of God .. so we are more free in what we give and how .. as God allows us to define our own hearts ..
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  7. The New Testament says to be a cheerful giver

    2Cor 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

    How much should you give? However much you can give and still remain cheerful (y)

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