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  1. I really want to evangelize, but I am an introvert and I have a hard time talking to people. What is your advice? How would you share the Gospel with someone? I want to be ready for the next school year (maybe). I am sticking to spreading the Gospel online for now.
  2. Juk I say this with Love and no disrespect. If you really want to evangelize then it is time to stop playing games and buckle down in His word and let Him bring some changes into your life. I did not say stop having fun.
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  3. I agree.
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  4. Being an evangelist is not like being a salesman! Unfortunately that's what it can seem like when they are trying to sell promises of a better future............a long distant future.

    If you want to influence people, then take time out to develop your own relationship with God, and that means far more than translating christianity into a set of rules from the bible or a set of goals.
    What you possess should be a vivid living relationship with God that exudes from every pore of your body. As you spend time listening to the Holy Spirit, and obviously delving into his words, then that will transform your own life.
    When that happens, what's inside you will become like Ebola, a deadly infection that has a serious effect on anyone who comes near you! Lol

    Yes God can touch anyone, but set your heart on your love relationship with the Lord and it will transform you. Get into the Psalms and just read and watch the depth of love that David expressed with God. Seek after that, and it will be yours.
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  5. Share Jesus Without Fear! William Fay has a most powerful teaching for people to be able to share Jesus without fear, and with confidence, and without argument. I have sat under him personally and learned a great deal about presenting the gospel message to unbelievers. It works!
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