Time of Death

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  1. Let me Preface this with…I know the answer to my question doesn’t matter.

    My Father Passed away, a year ago. He had a heart attack while in the hospital, he was without a pulse for close to 22 minutes before the Doctors and nurses were able to bring him back. He spent 3 days hooked up to machines keeping him alive, until we had to “pull the plug”. We waited to have a neurologist see if he had any Brain function there wasn’t any, they suggested we give him 48-72 hours to see if he regained any or made any progress, he only got worse.

    My question is, when did his soul go to heaven? When his brain function ceased? Or when his heart finally stopped after we took him off the machine.

    I don’t know if there IS an answer, other than, trust in the goodness of god and that it really doesn’t matter…while my brain knows this, by heart seeks comfort. I know it’s a silly question…but one I cant stop thinking about.

    Any insight?
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  2. Hi Ken...
    I hope your well.
    I don't have any answers to your q's or cant really contribute but I did want to extend my condolences for your loss.
    May the peace of almighty God continue to be your comfort :)
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  3. Thank you..!
  4. Hello Ken. My condolences and prayers for comfort for you and your family. I don't think anyone is going to give an answer. But let your soul be comforted with the fact that he is in heaven and a better (actually best) place. More than "when" it is "where" that matters in this case.
  5. Thanks! Yea, I dont think there really is an answer, i just figured i'd put it out there, maybe someone who knows somthing i dont know.....anyways....thanks

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