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THree Types Of Givers

Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by Dusty, May 5, 2010.

  1. THree Types Of Givers

    Givers can be divided into three types:


    the flint, the sponge and the honeycomb.
    Some givers are like a piece of flint -
    to get anything out of it you must hammer it,
    and even then you only get chips and sparks.

    Other are like a sponge -
    to get anything out of a sponge
    you must squeeze it and squeeze it hard,
    because the more you squeeze a sponge,
    the more you get.

    But others are like a honeycomb -
    which just overflows with its own sweetness.
    That is how God gives to us,
    and it is how we should give in turn.
  2. Cool . sometimes its like a pinecone all the seeds fall out at the right time .

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