Three Lesbian Women 'marry' Each Other, Claim To Be World's First 'throuple'

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  1. It’s not pleasant news to share, but we need to be aware of what is going on regarding marriage in the USA. In October last year, I published a post on a CNN news item on ‘polyamory’—basically it means that instead of the biblical family of one man and one woman in marriage, any mixture of relationships is encouraged. The October article is at this link:

    Three Lesbian Women 'Marry' Each Other, Claim to Be World's First 'Throuple'
    MASSACHUSETTS – Three women in Massachusetts claim they are the world’s first lesbian ‘throuple,’ after they all exchanged...
  2. I'm afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg. 2 Timothy 3:13 - "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." Fear not though, "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4
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  3. May be we need preachers like Jonathan Edwards today.. Who can speak on the wrath of God!

    This is the second sickening news i am hearing today.. More points to pray about..
  4. Maybe, maybe not. It wasn't the wrath of God that brought me to Christ, if anything that drove me further away. It was the love of Christ through my wife (then girlfriend). I am sure there are those that would respond to that type of message, but like me, there are many who wouldn't respond to it.
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  5. Sounds like trouble.

    Ba-doom chssh!
  6. That is sickening. This pic linked to that article is just as sick! :sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:.
  7. I once saw a program in History Channel.. It was a series called Taboo.. There they showed 2 guys and 2 girls.. It is like the guy would sleep with both the girls, the 2 girls would be together, 2 guys together.. Every combination.. Felt like vomiting on TV
  8. So polygamy is legal now...or again...or something? I'm honesty losing track.
  9. I wonder if he will be able to get life insurance for it too, just in case it gets a virus and dies. This is all kind of hard for me to compute (yeah, I did it, awful pun and all!) :LOL:
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  10. The sad thing is that "she'll" be obsolete in a couple of years and he'll be looking for a sleeker younger model with a perkier keyboard and larger screen.
  11. The line between the sheep and the goats is being drawn with real thick sharpie...woodn'ya say? A plan to divide up Jerusalem...a Satanic Mass at Harvard...the new trouples? Christian speech more and more becoming a hate crime? Say any name but Jesus is the public forum...
  12. Let me guess...some so-called "Christian" minister is supporting this as well? I don't think godly fear needs to be presented to the world as much as to some who claim to be Christians? Let judgment begin in the house of the Lord!
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  13. hi guys, been gone awhile, nice to see this place again :)
    i'm not getting the white dresses and the veils. (pure & chaste). the line has been crossed with same sex marriages, don't be surprised at anything now.
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  14. Once a man purchased an electronic insect-control system (a bug zapper light) to cut down on the insects that would infest his yard, only to discover after ample empirical and documented evidence that the bug-lights moved to increasing infestations.

    For two thousand years of Christendom what resolve is proven effective to move the vile things from penetrating the spirit in society?

    Shall it not be zapping configurations of lawful violence coming from the confines of legal plunder, but in contrast the love of Christ which moves the body to higher grounds of understanding and liberty, also free of the compulsory stagnate cesspools that regenerate perversions in the law to make things fair.

    For if we are to see tangible change, shall it be because the Spirit of the living God will slice through the darkness with His light using the obedient as fore-bearers of his living word, and not because of despotic compulsory socialism that moves a nation to furthering legislated marital fairness.

    For the things supported by the church are the things which are unfair, and the unfair things cant be supported fairly by those given the power; thus the law must choke out every goodly thing, causing a reverse effect. Shall despotism be the exception where the law stands just to react to the trespass of life, liberty and property.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I would say the bug zapper is a good analogy of those who promote the enlightened idea that we must allow the world and its liberal ideas to invade the church. Not sure how much of the rest of your post I agree with, you seem to be speaking in riddles in an effort to sound poetic in some way?
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  17. in regards to this thread, i'd like to respond to three comments.

    first, i want to say to Great Fiction, i can tell, in your comment, you enjoy writing as your medium of communication. i see this because i also prefer this expression. as i read your comment though, i was completely unable to follow your 'train' of thought. i respect your intelligence and am very interested in what you have to say. could you explain to me what you meant? i would appreciate it........:)

    secondly, i want to say to Euphemia, your 'huh?' was priceless!! my sentiments exactly.........:ROFLMAO:

    thirdly, Mitspa, i quote: " seem to be speaking in riddles, in an effort to sound poetic in some way."
    you were profound in your assessment of what was expressed in this comment.....:cool:
    i have been a writer the whole of my life and had to address these issues in my compositions years ago.

    so nice to meet you three here....:)

  18. Can the analogy be one that is spiritual, depicting evil that matures, yet shall the Spirit of the living God teach us all things, and will equip us with the power of prayer to tangibly change the world using Christ's perfect love.
  19. Please forgive my poetic nature

    Can it be that your suggestion that my analogy secures a message of invasion against the church is amiss, for the analogy moves to spiritual grounds regarding an analogous infestation? Please qualify how the analogy is applicable to a worldly invasion upon the church?

    Shall the great mountain of old provide the proper descriptor for the invasion you propose, yet what enabled Zerubbabel to accomplish the construction of the Lords house in spite of the mountain's towering size? Shall it be by natural might or power, or by the Spirit of the living God who balances the earth upon its axis and maintains the universe with a glance?

    For what moves the heart to repentance? Shall it be a legislator’s pen or the goodness of God? For Christ said that upon this divine revelation of faith that He would build His church?

    For where is Paul’s position regarding the law when he charges lawful compulsion to be of none effect, and admonishes that if that same Spirit which raised Christ from the dead shall dwell, then it shall also quicken? For is it not in His transforming power that the heart is changed?

    Is there a scriptural mandate in the NT covenant with Christ to legislate society to ambiguous moral positions using an ethic of socialistic violence, or shall our mandate be one of love that moves the good-news of Christ, Him crucified, His resurrection, and His transforming power into the highways and the byways?

    Can the church be known for its love, or regrettably for its compulsory legislated violence coming from the belly of wretched socialism?

    For when is violence supported scripturally in our NT covenant with Christ to intervene outside the boundaries of despotism? For when is arbitrary violence supported at all?

    Please know that I deeply respect your position, example and contributions in Christ and only wish to rationalize to scriptural truth.
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