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Thought For Today

Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by godbe4me, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. "Think More Than You Speak"
    An amusing story is told of Ulysses S. Grant. One day during his Presidency he came into the room where his Cabinet was assembling, quietly laughing to himself. "I have just read," said he, "one of the best anecdotes I have ever met. It was that John Adams, after he had been President, was one day taking a party out to dinner at his home in Quincy, when one of his guests noticed a portrait over the door and said, 'You have a fine portrait of Washington there, Mr. Adams.' 'Yes,' was the reply, 'and that old wooden head made his fortune by keeping his mouth shut.'"
    And Grant laughed again with uncommon enjoyment. It is a great thing to know when to keep still. As we look back over our lives there are comparatively few times when we regret having not spoken, but a great many of us have numerous reminiscences of trouble and sorrow that have come from unguarded and ill-advised speech. It is important to do a great deal more thinking than speaking.
    God bless,
  2. Knowledge
    Knowledge Vain Without Grace

    A man may know all about the rocks, and his heart remain as hard as they are; a man may know all about the winds, and be the sport of passions as fierce as they; a man may know all about the stars, and his fate be the meteor's that after a brief and brilliant career is quenched in eternal night; a man may know all about the sea, and his soul resemble its troubled waters which cannot rest; a man may know how to rule the spirits of the elements, yet know not how to rule his own; a man may know how to turn aside the flashing thuderbolt, but not the wrath of God from his own guilty heart: he may know all that Shakespeare knew--all that Einstein knew--all that all the greatest geniuses have known; he may know all mysteries and all knowledge; but if he does not know his Bible, what good will it bring him?

    God bless,


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