This week's mission

Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by Banarenth, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. This week's mission

    I started setting some strange goals for myself lately. As it happens, I've been thinking of them as a theme or goal for the week. Last week, my mission was to annoy Satan, that was fun, but comes with a cost. Revenge is his specialty after all.

    This week, my mission is to make God smile in whatever way I can. I invite you all to join me!
  2. Count me in.
  3. I am in! We love You Abba! See it worked already!
  4. New week, New mission. Make Jesus laugh.
  5. Actually, Brother Ban as this is for me Passion Week, I am reflecting on God's great Love that He gave His only Begotten Son to die for me that I might have life and have it more abundantly.

    I realize that I must have more passion for my Lord as He showed so much passion for me by His death on the cross. It says in Luke 19 verse 40 that if I keep quiet the stones will cry out in my place. I do not want a stone to cry in my place.

  6. Great idea, I will do so:)
  7. Point taken. For me, it's simply too easy to cry and mourn. I do not mourn death, I mourn life. IMO, Christ had a hard time going to the cross. He faced death, persecution, betrayal, hatred, and torture. If anyone needs to laugh, it is Jesus.
  8. Regardless if your beliefs include Easter OR Christian Passover, the Crucifixion and Ressurection should be a Joyful time for us all. Christ was placed in Mary's womb so that He could be born of woman, experience human feelings, live a righteous sin free life, and give his earthly life for us all. This was God's plan, and as part of the trinity, this was also Christ's plan.

    One thousand years before Christ walked the earth, King David prophesyed that Christ would become our Messiah. Read Psalm 22. Christ Himself, prophesyed his own death as told in several places in Matthew including Matthew 17:22-27 (KJV), Matthew 20:17-19 (KJV) and Matthew 24:1-51 (KJV).

    We should rejoice and celebrate this time of year along WITH Christ, not feel sorry about His death. After all, He HAS NOT DIED...

    Now, as for Banarenth's most recent mission in making Jesus laugh... just remind Him in prayer, that He and God created the Aardvark... THAT should just about make His entire day!! That PROVES that God has a sense of humor. :)
  9. Of course..... I am not mourning just reflecting and then waiting till resurrection Sun. when up for the grave He arose with a might victor for His foes..... He arose .... He arose .... Hallalujah Christ arose.


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